DMC World – ‘2010 US DJ Championship Finals’ (DVD)

April 29, 2011

2010 Finals Of The DMC USA Championships On DVD.
2010 DMC US Finals – DJ Battle DVD

DJ Shiftee: 2009 DMC World Champ presented by Native Instruments
Excess & Toadstyle
The ReMINDers
La Femme Deadly Venoms (2010 DMC US Team Runners Up)

The USA’s top battle DJs compete for the National Title
1st: DJ Etronik – CA
2nd: Steel – NJ
3rd: GrandMaster Supreme
Cysko Rokwel – CO
Concept – FL
DJ Notch – CO
Jeff C – CO
DJ Swift – SC
DJ Image – CA
Juyadek – CA
B*Money – CO
Skip Ripkin – CO

2010 DMC Battle for US Supremacy
Cysko Rokwel vs DJ SPS
DJ Etronik vs DJ Solo
Cysko Rokwel vs DJ Solo for the title!

Backstage Interviews with Most of the US Finalists & more!

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