Finally, Eminem & Royce Both Rhyme on a Bad Meets Evil Track – “Fast Lane” (Listen & Download)

April 29, 2011

Like everyone I was more excited than a middle school boy looking at a Victoria’s Secret catalog when I learned that Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ had finally put aside their ridiculous beef now that Nickel Nine had signed to Shady Records , and that they were actually working on a Bad Meets Evil project. But then…..the first couple collabs we heard from the two were disappointing. Hell, Em didn’t even rhyme on “Writer’s Block“. But this new cut “Fast Lane“? Holy…fuck.

Not only do we get an entire verse from a top form Slim Shady – he apparently wants to have anal sex with Nicki Minaj – but the two do one of the sicker flow exchanges I’ve ever heard. I mean, seriously. Check the 2:15 mark. If you didn’t lose your mind when you heard that, you’re not a real rap head. You’re just not. I’m not ridiculously excited for this “Bad Meets Evil” album, alledgedly coming this summer.

Player and download link is below the OG video.

Play Royce da 5 9 ft. Eminem – Fast Lane
Download “Royce da 5 9 ft. Eminem – Fast Lane”

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