Killarmy – Last Shot [Mixtape] (2011)

May 2, 2011

01. Intro
02. What U Wanna Do
03. Get Crazy
04. Invade Ya Empire
05. Sniper Challengers
06. We Supreme
07. Sound Of Gunz (Feat. Shyheim)
08. Rain Sing
09. Duct Tape
10. Summer Love (Feat. RZA & Outlines)
11. Cripple U
12. Like Like
13. Double 09
14. Heist Of The Recession
15. Never Front
16. Knives vs. Bullets (Interlude)
17. Lyrical Disaster
18. Swordz
19. Hood Life (Feat. Masta Killa & Suga Bang Bang)
20. One Shot

Something to hold you over until the real album drops…hopefully fuckin’ soon! There’s a lot of older material on here but some new joints too!


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