KRS-One & Bumpy Knuckles Are Doing an Album Together (Artwork)

May 6, 2011

Kris and Freddie Foxxx are dropping an album called Royalty Check on May 31st.

Royalty Check is the perfect blend of all the qualities fans love and come to expect from these prolific MCs. With contrasting styles, the politically minded duo addresses a range of similar social issues, each using a very different approach. Bumpy Knuckles’ more ‘in your face’ philosophy is balanced out by KRS-One’s signature ‘stop the violence’ mantra.

The project was born out of a chance opportunity for Bumpy Knuckles and KRS-One to work face to face in the studio again. In the technology age, where artists primarily collaborate via digital channels, it’s rare that two MCs of their caliber have a chance to vibe together and feed off of each others creative energy in such an up close and personal way. And listeners will not be disappointed by the result.


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