Bump Knuckles aka Freddie Foxxx – Freddie Foxxx Is Here [320kbps] (1989)

May 13, 2011


01. The Master
02. Somebody Else Bumped Your Girl
03. The Ladies Jam
04. Forever
05. Stop, Look And Listen
06. Serious
07. Ain’t No Sunshine
08. Keep Doin’ It Like This
09. Busted
10. Make ‘Em Feel It
11. Freddie Foxxx Is Here
12. I’m Ready

Despite being a major label release, “Freddie Foxxx Is Here” always lingered in obscurity. Not that James F. Campbell didn’t have the necessary connections. The album is, according to the credits, co-produced by none other than Eric B. The two share a history that goes beyond Foxxx purportedly working as a bodyguard for Eric B. & Rakim. There is some credence to the scenario that back in the mid-’80s they could have wound up a duo instead of Eric B. & Rakim. Either way there’s a lasting loyalty at work, Fred sticking to Eric even when the latter jeopardized his legacy with a questionable solo album. Those questioning Eric’s role in the monument that was Eric B. & Rakim will not have much to analyze on “Freddie Foxxx Is Here” since the rapper went on record saying he produced it by himself.



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