Tech N9ne Talks About Meeting Tupac

June 2, 2011



As he promotes his latest album “All 6’s and 7’s,” Tech N9ne speaks on meeting Tupac several times during his first year in Los Angeles.

While Tech N9ne may be regarded as one of independent Hip Hop’s most successful acts, he once had times that were rough in the game, particularly in the early part of his career. Back then, he was signed by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, legendary producers who believed in him. However, in a recent interview with, Tech explained why he left Perspective Records, how he met Tupac and what life was like as a rookie in the game. 

“I kicked it with Tupac a couple of times,” he noted. “I met him in ’92 and I met him at [a convention] lobby downstairs. He was standing there, looking at this big booty white stripper chick. He was standing right behind her saying, ‘I’m black owned! Nigga, I’m black owned!’ I walked over to him and said, ‘Man, you’re Tupac. You can get that.’ He looked at me and said, ‘Nigga, I’m black owned!’ I’m like, ‘What is he talking about?'” 

“He was talking about the riots [in L.A.]. Whenever somebody saw ‘Black Owned’ written on the buildings, they wouldn’t fuck with them. So, he was saying, ‘I guess I’ve got black owned written across me because the bitches ain’t fuckin’ with me.'”  

After this brief encounter, Tech explained that the two met again on several occasions. He also added that they had more in common than just rhyming.

“We was fucking with the same chick at that time,” he admitted. He also added that “it was a wonderful summer” but that he was released from Perspective a couple of years later after not being understood by the label. 

Tech has been understood of late, it seems. He’s got a new album, All 6’s and 7’s, coming soon, one that is highly anticipated by many of his supporters. 

For more from said interview, check the video below.


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