Exclusive interview with DJ SQEME 06/24/11…

June 25, 2011

What is your deejay name and what crew do you represent?
i go by DJ SQEME (pronounced SCHEME [skeem] )…

With so many DJs, Who, in your opinion, is the most, all around, complete DJ?
my favorite by far is DJ P.. dude is way sick, seen him a couple times live. in April we flew to Kansas City to watch him. DJ Z-TRIP also, seen him in PHX at the REDBULL THR3E STYLE DJ BATTLE..

What were some of your early  influences in music?
everything, i’m an 80’s baby so i love the 80’s and have fun spinning that…. when dj RAYZA is spinning it to gets wild.. bout 6-7 years ago we released a GROWN FOLKS mixcd here in PKR with all 80’s it was dope.

What was your first experience with hip-hop music?
ha, it was probably PLANET ROCK. my uncle had the single on record (which i still own to this day) and then i started breaking.. BEAT STREET also

What elements make up a good DJ?
being able to rock all crowds doing you, not being a JUKEBOX.. not only knowing the music but technical skill, scratching, blending.. also being original.. now days any asshole can buy a laptop and SERATO with some turntables and think they a DJ, haha GTFOH with that.. its funny watching these DJs trying to mix but they’re looking at their laptop matching WAVEFORMS.. hahaha

When you go digging for records what kind of records do you have in mind or is it just snatch and grab?
It’s kinda BOTH… i usually know of certain ones i want but when we DIG its just mainly going thru the crates and boxes

Simpsons or Family Guy?
hahaha.. Family Guy is like the raw adult version of The Simpsons, but The Simpsons started this gangster shit so i’ma ride with them…

Ok let’s get down to business , what are your thoughts on these local DJs I heard they like to call out other DJs.
ha, in the beginning RAYZA & SQEME would get under cut by other local DJs claiming to do what we do. that was fine, our price was based on skill and party rocking. no one in PKR is as skilled as us simply put. they all say what they say online and to their friends and word gets to us, and we see deez guys in town but they ain’t saying any of that. -shruggs shoulders- i ain’t got beef with any of these dudes really, yall can do all the shows you want in PKR… RAYZA & SQEME are doing shows all over, but your still in PKR…

So I hear there is gonna be a battle of the DJs at the BlueWater Resort and Casino with local DJs and I hear that your were not invited to perform at this battle, why is that? Is there any reason why they haven’t put you on the roster to battle with these local DJs?
eh, yeah… well thats an interesting topic, i mean everyone is asking YOU IN IT? IS RAYZA IN IT? I SEEN A FLYER ABOUT A LOCAL DJ BATTLE WHERE’S SQEME & RAYZA? actually NO we weren’t allowed to be in it, and it’s something RAYZA & I both were trying to get into just because WE both knew that our fans would be asking… so apparently the LOCAL & HOUSE DJ BATTLE will NOT having anyone LOCAL (from PKR) in it… from the information we gathered its kids from Blythe and the GM’s son… So the story goes the person in charge of the event WAS NOT letting any walk-in DJs, it is INVITATION ONLY from GROUPS/DJs that have played in the CASINO. so that is them kids from Blythe (don’t know name), them Castro’s (but they declined to enter), DJ WIZARD (a local kid i’m teaching to DJ), and the GM’s son (obvious reasons)… it sounded like ONE DJ from the 4 listed, but the blythe kids got 2 or 3 entries i don’t know what that was about? then WIZARD… see WIZ said they hit him up and they said they are gonna allow him or an associate of him enter the DJ BATTLE.. he said cool, they were gonna email him and have a meeting… after that he called me, i said i’d do it tell me when the meeting is… he said cool, and he has yet to get back at me… so we missed the meeting… apparently they didn’t like the no show… but when RAYZA tried to contact someone about the the whole situation, they replied WIZARD HAS TO CONTACT THEM TO APPROVE that RAYZA or SQEME is gonna take his place… that didn’t happen and they weren’t letting any LOCALS walk-in, (we tried) so that was that… here we are, i seen a flyer in the paper that advertised DJ WIZARD to be in that battle, (but they haven’t heard from him so they were suppose to have taken him out the battle) so they are false advertising a LOCAL DJ in this battle probably to safe face that its really just 3 Blythe DJs and the GM’s son.. SMH, next question…

Where can we find you for bookings and mixes and other information about you?
oh yeah, www.djsqeme.com i post mixes and updates/reviews on shows… and of course twitter djSQEME i’m always on there.. and facebook, DjSQEME page (be sure to click that LIKE button)

Do you have any shout out you would to do?
werd.. shout out PARKERHIPHOP.COM, UNDERNEATHTHEDESRT.COM, the crew DJ RAYZA, DIRK, my brotha.. everyone who support me and comes out to the shows and events…

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