Big Daddy Kane – Looks Like A Job For…

July 1, 2011


01. Looks Like a Job For…
02. How U Get a Record Deal?
03. Chocolate City
04. Prelude
05. The Beef Is On
06. Stop Shammin’
07. Brother Man, Brother Man
08. Rest in Peace
09. Very Special
10. Here Comes Kane, Scoob and Scrap
11. Niggaz Never Learn
12. Give It to Me
13. Nuff Respect
14. Finale

After the commercial failure of his 1991 album Prince of Darkness, Kane was able to regain his past acclaim, with an album that was considered as a return to his past greatness. Unlike his past albums, Kane involved a large number of outside producers for the project, including future production stars the Trackmasters, Easy Mo Bee, Large Professor, and Public Enemy’s production-crew the Bomb Squad.

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