Mac Miller Explains Reasons For Not Collaborating With Wiz Khalifa

July 14, 2011


The up-and-comer explains that even though they haven’t collaborated much in the past, they’ll join forces in the future.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania rapper Mac Miller is gearing up to drop his label backed debut Blue Slide Park after releasing several mixtapes in the past few years, and he’s determined to blow up on his own merits. 

During an interview with BET, the 19-year-old explained why he hasn’t released any recent collaborations with Rostrum Records labelmate Wiz Khalifa. “We have one from awhile ago, but we don’t want to start doing stuff like that until I’ve got to a place where it makes sense,” he explained. “I would hate to look back at my career, I would hate to even be sitting on top of the game and be killing everything and selling millions and millions of record and feeling like I didn’t really do it.

“Not to say that Wiz and I aren’t gonna make any music in the future, because we’ll obviously make good music together but that’s not really our main focus,” he continued. “People are gonna talk and say ‘Oh Wiz is popping, so now all of a sudden Mac’s popping.’ And it really means a lot to me that people understand that I’m trying to do Mac Miller.”

Watch the full clip below.

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