Consequence Releases “The Plagurist Society” Diss To Pusha T, Warns Kanye West Is Next

July 23, 2011


Cons fires shots at the Clipse member and his G.O.O.D. Music boss on the new track.

After making earlier claims that Pusha T stole lines from one of his tracks, Consequence is firing back at his former G.O.O.D. Music cohort. In a track titled “The Plagurist Society” released to MTV’s RapFix, Cons lashes out at the Clipse member in not-so-subtle ways.

“So what you’ve ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat your flesh alive / Before EMS arrives and the wings of death decide / That it’s time to expire / Yeah, meaning it’s time to retire/ Because you’ll never get a trophy, playing for the Steelers / They steal niggas lines, steal niggas flows / 40 million in, still a nigga owes,” he raps.

He then takes shots at the Clipse, rapping, “You keep fuckin’ around but still don’t hit / And that’s why the mothafuckin’ Clipse got clipped,” continuing, “But still there’s no Malice in my heart / For these poor little wretched clowns that I’ma coast through.”

Before finishing up the track, Cons sends a message to Pusha to warn Kanye West that he’s up next. “He ain’t nothin’ but a body shield for the coward from the Midwest / So yes, you can bet / That your boss is next,” he concludes.

Listen to the track below.


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