Big Pun – Language Is Fatal (2003)

August 6, 2011

01-Language Is Fatal (Intro Mix)
02-In For Life (feat Fat Joe, Cuban Link)
03-Verbal Murder 2 (feat Common)
04-Toe To Toe (feat Cuban Link)
05-Oh No (feat Capone)
06-Shut Em Down
07-God Bless The Dead (feat 2Pac)
08-No Mercy (feat Flesh n Bone)
09-Speed Of Light (feat Terror Squad)
10-South Beach Party (Interlude)
11-Loco Bananas (feat Tony Sunshine)
12-Boricuas Morenas (Skit)
13-We Can Do It (feat Treach, Tony Sunshine)
14-2 Way Street (feat Miss Jones)
15-Cheat On Her (feat Cuban Link)
16-Must Be The Music (feat Cuban Link)
17-You Don't Know
18-Ice Cream (feat Fat Joe)
19-Rhyme For Rhyme (feat Cormega)
20-The Rain (feat Tony Sunshine)
21-Pass The Glock (feat Terror Squad)
22-When I Die (feat Krayzie Bone, Fat Joe, Cuban Link)
23-Shit On You (Outro)

Release Notes

This is the long awaited Big Punisher unreleased gemz compilation.
Brought to you by the kingz of the underground bootleg scene, OneWorldRap.
This album contains all the unreleased tracks of Big Pun that didnt
make Endangered Spieces.
The introduction to this album is a
12 minute mix tribute to Pun
with some of his
greatest hits.
Pun gets a chance to shine on this album and
show his lightining
fast tongue and lyrics.
Non stop unreleased hit after unreleased hit.
You can't get this no where else!
So sit back and enjoy this release from the
late great latin emcee from the Bronx.
Terror Squad TOMA TOMA!!!



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