J.Nolan – Chaos Theory (2011)

August 17, 2011

01. Conquer & Destroy (prod. by oriJanus)
02. Greener Pastures( prod. by Tuelv)
03. Chaos Theory (prod. by Reese Jones)
04. Oblivion (prod. by Yung B Da Producer)
05. Club (Skit)
06. Whatever Works (prod. by Todd Jordan)
07. Here To Stay (prod. by Tuelv)
08. Sharpen The Sword (prod. by Yung B Da Producer)
09. Verzes (prod. by Verze)
10. Music (prod. by Dela)
11. Praise (prod. by Dela)
12. Product Of My Environment (prod. by Gravity Movement)
13. Move On (prod. by BeatsofReen)
14. No Lies (prod. by Tuelv)
15. Tara Discount Mall (Skit)
16. In The Wind (prod. by TreTracks)
17. Cloud Of Sunshine (prod. by Tuelv)
18. End Of Chaos (prod. by This Is Tomorrow)
19. More to Come (prod. by Blizz Cartel)


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