X-Raided – Xorcist (1995) [192]

August 18, 2011

01. Open Tha Casket
02. I Ain’t Dead Yet
03. Reckonize (feat. Babe Regg & Lunasicc)
04. Body Count (feat. Da Misses)
05. Collect Call
06. Check Your Bitch
07. Blaze Up
08. Wanna Get High? (Written By X-Raided Performed by Lunasicc)
09. Unexplainable
10. Deuce-5 To Life
11. Unfukwitable! (feat. Da Misses & Babe Regg)
12. Liquor Niggaz & Triggaz (feat. Sicx & Brotha Lynch Hung)
13. Done Deal (feat. Da Misses)
14. Brainz
15. With A Mask On (feat. Da Misses, Chopah, Killa Hoe & Lunasicc)
16. Mo’brainz

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