Voli – In the Meanwhile (The Showcase)

September 9, 2011

Up-and-coming emcee/producer Voli has hooked up with DJBooth.net to bring listeners his latest street release, the In the Meanwhile (The Showcase) mixtape.

The project features 15 original records from the Jersey representative, plus four bonus cuts. Included on the tracklist are previously-featured reader-approved leaks “Stress,” “Pity,” “New Religion,” “Darkside,” “Here,” “The Righteous Remain,” “Tommy Gun City,”  “Fade Away” and “Redemption.”

Joining Voli on the guest tip throughout In the Meanwhile are J. Cole, Omen, SYOR and D1. In addition to beats by the artist himself, the project features production by Omen, SMKA, Gavidia and J. Cole.


01. Intro (A Life Worth Living)
02. Stress [prod. Voli]
03. Pity (ft. J. Cole & Omen) [prod. Voli]
04. Fade Away [prod. Voli]
05. Here [prod. Voli]
06. New Religion (ft. SYOR) [prod. Voli]
07. Autumn Air [prod. Voli]
08. Look Up [prod. Voli/Omen]
09. The Righteous Remain [prod. SMKA]
10. Anytime He Goes Away [prod. Voli]
11. Darkside (ft. D1) [prod. D1]
12. Prisoner [prod. Voli]
13. Sin City [prod. Voli]
14. The Interview
15. Outro (Resumé) [prod. Voli/Gavidia]
16. Storm [prod. Voli]*
17. Redemption [prod. Voli]*
18. Midnight [prod. J. Cole]*
19. For the Fam [prod. Voli]*



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