Digital Underground Sex Packets

September 23, 2011

Sex Packets is the debut album from the 1990s rap group Digital Underground and is a concept album about “G.S.R.A.” (Genetic Suppression Relief Antedotes), a pharmaceutical substance that is produced in the form of a large glowing pill (about the size of a quarter), that comes in a condom-sized package, and is allegedly developed by the government to provide its intended users (Astronauts and the like) with a satisfying sexual experience in situations where the quest-for/attainment-of such experiences would be counterproductive to the mission at hand.

The album was released in the spring of 1990 following the success of its two lead-off singles: “Doowutchyalike,” a moderate club hit, followed by mega-hit “The Humpty Dance,” which climbed all the way to #11 on the pop charts, #7 on the R&B charts, and #1 on the Billboard Rap Singles chart. Sex Packets delivered on the promise of its singles with an abundance of P-Funk samples, jazzy interludes, and an innovative amalgam of samples and live instrumentation, earning it positive reviews and platinum sales.[8] The album was selected as one of The Source’s 100 Best Rap Albums in 1998, and was re-issued on February 8, 2005 by Rhino Entertainment. The album is broken down track-by-track by Digital Underground in Brian Coleman’s book Check the Technique.[9]

Album Certification: RIAA certified million seller.[10]

1. The Humpty Dance”     6:30
2. “The Way We Swing”     6:48
3. “Rhymin’ on the Funk”     6:16
4. “The New Jazz (One)”     0:37
5. “Underwater Rimes (Remix)”     4:23
6. “Gutfest ’89 (Edit)”     5:50
7. “The Danger Zone”     5:31
8. “Freaks of the Industry”     5:38
9. “Doowutchyalike”     8:51
10. “Packet Prelude”     0:57
11. “Sex Packets”     7:21
12. “Street Scene”     0:33
13. “Packet Man”     4:41
14. “Packet Reprise”


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