Block McCloud – Sell Block 1: Shutter Island (2010)

September 25, 2011


01. Block McCloud – Insane Asylum 2 (Intro) (prod. by IDE & Alucard)
02. Block McCloud – Odyssey (prod. by Fuck Rico)
03. Block McCloud – Brains feat. O.D. & Lego The Future (prod. by Etik n Clint)
04. Block McCloud – Praise feat. Hell Razah, Jus Allah & King Sod (prod. by Blastah Beats)
05. Block McCloud – Love And Respect feat. Castro Fidel (prod. by J Biz Quiz)
06. Block McCloud – Maybe feat. Guttzilla & Sick Jacken (prod. by Sick Syllables)
07. Block McCloud – Falling feat. Raw Doggz, Zodiac, Fresh Jones & Dr.Ama
08. Block McCloud – Picture feat. O.D. (prod. by Block McCloud)
09. Block McCloud – On This Day (prod. by Steven King)
10. Block McCloud – Crying feat. Nickelplated aka Godzilla (prod. by Etik n Clint)
11. Block McCloud – Sell Your Soul feat. War Bixby & Dr.Ama (prod. by Poker Beats)
12. Block McCloud – Believe (prod. by Beat Butcher)
13. Block McCloud – NY Gunners feat. Dr.Ama, JJP & Raw Doggz (prod. by Illmind)
14. Block McCloud – Devil Station Pt. 1 feat. Doap Nixon, Sick Six & Raw Doggz (prod. by Sick Nature)
15. Block McCloud – RPG’z feat. Words And Rhymes & Celph Titled (prod. by C-Rius)
16. Block McCloud – Outside The Box (prod. by DJ Waxwork of Snowgoons)
17. Block McCloud – Bullshit feat. Jus Allah & Demunz The Dark Apostle (prod. by Incite & Krome)
18. Block McCloud – Here We Go feat. PH & Mr. Met (Brooklyn Academy)
19. Block McCloud – The Ring (prod. by Hit Farmers)
20. Block McCloud – Devils Station Pt. 2 feat. Dr.Ama & War Bixby (prod. by Sick Nature)

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