Young Bleed My Balls and My Word

September 25, 2011

My Balls and My Word is the debut album by rapper, Young Bleed. It was released on January 20, 1998 for No Limit Records and was mainly produced by Beats By the Pound and Nathan “Happy” Perez. The album was a huge success, making it to #10 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and was certified gold by the RIAA two months later.

Young Bleed is currently signed to Strange Music subsidairy called Strange Lane Records.

1. “Keep It Real” (Featuring C-Loc & Master P) Happy Perez & KLC 4:16
2. “Bring The Noise” (Featuring Master P & Mystikal) Craig B. , KLC , Mo B. Dick , & Pimp C 3:30
3. “An Offer U Can’t Refuse”   Happy Perez 1:13
4. “The Day They Make Me Boss”   Happy Perez 5:10
5. “Mo Money” (Featuring Laylow & Lucky Knuckles) O’Dell 3:37
6. “Pull It Off” (Featuring C-Loc, Laylow, Lee Tyme, & Lucky Knuckles) Happy Perez 4:53
7. “Times So Hard” (Featuring Fiend, Master P, Mo B. Dick, & O’Dell) Mo B. Dick 3:58
8. “How Ya Do That” (Featuring C-Loc & Master P) Happy Perez & KLC 4:31
9. “Better Than Last Time” (Featuring C-Loc & Maxminelli) Happy Perez 4:48
10. “Lil Poppa Got A Brand New Bag” (Featuring Maxminelli) Happy Perez 3:17
11. “Confedi” (Featuring C-Loc , Lee Tyme , & Maxminelli) Happy Perez 5:03
12. “Da Last Outlaw”   Happy Perez 4:25
13. “Ghostrider”   Happy Perez 3:22
14. “We Don’t Stop” (Featuring Maxminelli)



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