Filth De La Ghetto Dubstep Mixtape

September 27, 2011

DUBSTEP.DUBSTEP.DUBSTEP This is a beta for a tape that i been workin on for about 3 months now check it out download it do whatever with it i just ask for one thing feedback! for news on this mixtape and upcoming ones add me at


  • 2.Cookie Monsta-Ginger Pubes
  • 3.Sluggo-I Get Violent
  • 4.Chrispy-Badman Sound
  • 5.Diesel-Assault
  • 6.Davr-Mechanical Error
  • 7.Drop Top-Machete(High Rankin Remix)
  • 8.DatsikFuntcase-Brock Out
  • 9.Flux Pavillion-I Cant Stop
  • 10.Hoax-Jericho
  • 11.Example-Last Ones Standing(Doctor P Remix)
  • 12.Torqux-Bare Nite
  • 13.Nit Grit-Heavy Machinery
  • 14.Borgore-Afro Blue
  • 15.Slum Dogz-In The Hood
  • 16.Dream-3 2 1
  • 17.Trolley Snatcha-Bigman Vulture
  • 18.Vaski-Cooler Than Me(Vaski Remix)
  • 19.Tek-One-Crystal Fighters-In The Summer(Tek One Mix)
  • 20.Dayn-Rockin Alive


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