Pink Floyd Dubstep

September 27, 2011

Pink Floyd – Dubstep, 12 Finely Executed Dubstep Remixes Compiled By DUBRMX.COM, from producers Soul Controller, Caspa, Phunktion, Wick-it, KeseK, STYLUST, F.R.E.D., SageOne, David Nicol, Pretty Lights, And Omega

The Machine (Soul Controller)

  • 2.Brain Damage (Omega)
  • 3.Brick in the Wall Part (Sageone)
  • 4.Comfortably Numb (STYLUST)
  • 5.Breathe (SageOne)
  • 6.Cirrus Minor (F.R.E.D.)
  • 7.Echoes (KeseK)
  • 8.Have A Cigar (Wick-it)
  • 9.Hey You (Phunktion)
  • 10.Money (Caspa)
  • 11.Time (Pretty Lights Remix)
  • 12.Run Like Hell (David Nicol)






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