Chi-town representer The Boy Illinois has hooked up with The DJBooth to bring listeners Horai, the fourth and final entry in his Inhale series.

Named after the three Greek goddesses who controlled the flow of time, Inhale Pt. 4: Horai features 16 fresh records from the up-and-coming emcee, divided into movements representing the seasons of the year. Included on the tracklist is previously-featured, reader-approved leak “Yer.”

Joining The Boy Illinois throughout the project are Goozy G of TCU, Mike Classic, Young General, G.o.D Jewels, Asia Monique, Prince Jericho and more. Beats come courtesy of Hero George, The Baron Boys, Relelite and others.

Fans and supporters can download the free version of Horai for a limited time, or directly purchase DJBooth’s exclusive premium version, complete with high quality mp3s (320 Kbps).

Artist: The Boy Illinois
Title Inhale Pt. 4
Twitter: The Boy Illinois on Twitter
Website: The Boy Illinois’s Website

01. Happy Birthday
02. January 4th (ft. Courtni J.)
03. Black Ice (ft. Goozy G)
04. Leap Yer (ft. Asia Monique)

05. Right Around Spring (ft. Rel ,Tre-Style, & Melanie Richelle)
06. Yer
07. Back Again

No Season
08. Baby Mother Nature

09. My Usual
10. Chevy Equi-Knocks (ft. Tre-Style) ]
11. 40’s

12. Can’t Let You Fall ft. Rel & Prince Jericho
13. Carpe Denim
14. All I’s On Me (ft. Blink)

15. New Years Eve: A Lil Bit Off
16. New Years Day: A Lil Bit Off Pt. 2 (ft. Mike Classic, Young General, G.o.D Jewels & Asia Monique)


New one from Harlem’s A$AP Rocky and again, the emerging star on the rap scene embraces the Southern Way of Life with “Grippin Woodgrain”. The RCA signee is joined by Seth Narley on this laidback tune and further whets the appetite for his full-length debut LiveLoveA$AP, due later this year.


The G.O.O.D. Music signee says he originally vetoed using the beat after ‘Ye played it for him.

Pusha T recently revealed that he originally passed on the Hit-Boy-produced beat that eventually became Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris.” Speaking with Sneeze magazine, the Clipse member said that he doesn’t know if it would have been as good if it ended up in his possession and that he would have attacked it in a different way.

“I tell people all the time that I don’t know if I would’ve attacked it that way which means the record might not have been as special once I got on it,” he said.

Pusha Ton continued by explaining that Kanye gave him the beat and that he simply wasn’t in the right state of mind to rap over it.

“‘Ye gave me beats and that was in the bunch. ‘Niggas in Paris’ was playful to me and I was in demonic rap mode. I was like, ‘Yo, I don’t want this right now,’ he was like, ‘Man, this will be a club smash,’ and I’m like, ‘Maybe, but don’t ask me to wrap my brain around that when I’m writing stuff like ‘My God,’ which is another Hit Boy beat.”

Read the full interview at Sneeze, where he also states that 50 Cent is his favorite rapper, speaks on Fear of God II: Let Us Pray and more.


01. Burn This
02. The Martyr
03. Angels & Demons (feat. Dead Prez & Bazar Royale)
04. Rich Man’s World (1%)
05. Toast To The Dead
06. Eyes in the Sky (feat. Mojo of Dujeous)
07. Goonies (feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez)
08. Natural Beauty (feat. Mela Machinko)
09. Running Nowhere – interlude
10. Civil War (feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D)
11. Mark of The Beast (feat. Akir & Beast 1333)
12. Black Vikings (feat. StylesP, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen)
13. Conquerors (with Dr. John Henrik Clarke)
14. Young Lords (feat. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF & Panama Alba)
15. Ultimas Palabras
16. Sign of the Times (feat. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel West)


Nelly is back with a new joint with a little help from T.I and 2 Chainz.


Iron Solomon – We Up

October 27, 2011

Off Iron Solomon’s Redrum Radio mixtape dropping this Halloween.


Hemet Productions investigates a local legend in this documentary about what people believe.

RoQ’y TyRaiD RoQupy Music

October 27, 2011

RoQ’y TyRaiD RoQupy Music

New Track by RoQ’y TyRaiD #TheCultureIsBack #WeOccuMusic

Brooklyn crew Green Street have hooked up with to bring listeners their latest street album, Endless Summer.

The follow-up to April’s Don’t Look Down, the project features 10 original cuts from emcees A-Live and Soupa and producer Renaissance. Included on the tracklist is previously-featured, reader-approved leak “Runways.”

Joining Green Street on the guest tip throughout Endless Summer are Chris Faust, Fresh Daily, Donwill (of Ta Morgan), Sunny Jones, Ken Ross and Trezure Empire

01. Runways (ft. Sunny Jones)
02. Summer Solstice (ft. Ken Ross)
03. Abundance (ft. Cavalier)
04. Wavy Sundays
05. Cascades (ft. Fresh Daily & Ken Ross)
06. Old Music (ft. Ken Ross)
07. Daydreams (ft. Donwill of Tanya Morgan)
08. Shibuya Nights (ft. Trezure Empire)
09. Sunshowers (ft. Chris Faust & Sunny Jones)
10. Equinox (ft. Trezure Empire)

Artist: Green Street
Title Endless Summer
Website: Green Street’s Website