Papoose King Of New York

October 4, 2011

New mixtape from Papoose “King of New York” Presented by Streetsweepers.

1.Kay Slay Intro

  • 2.Otis
  • 3.Shot Caller
  • 4.Let Em Die
  • 5.King Of Ny – Prod By Dj Pain 1
  • 6.Name Callin
  • 7.Im From Ny
  • 8.Ball So Hard
  • 9.Warning Remix
  • 10.Party Bout 2 Pop Remix-Prod by Tie Stick
  • 11.Donk Jumping- Prod by Tie Stick
  • 12.Neva Mind Love Remix -Prod By DjNu
  • 13.Solid As A Rock – Prod By DjNu
  • 14.Sure Thing
  • 15.December
  • 16.MInd Games
  • 17.White & Brown ft Mark Mclaughlin
  • 18.ThugaCation Symphony-Prod By DjNu
  • 19.Hand Call For
  • 20.If i Die
  • 21.To Late ft J Will
  • 22.That Was Easy
  • 23.Dare Devil
  • 24.Caught up
  • 25.Whats A Goon
  • 26.Conan Kay Slay Outro


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