KrumbSnatcha – The Resurrection Of Tha Golden Wolf (2011)

October 6, 2011

01. Bonita (prod. by Nickel Plated)
02. W.A.R. feat. Guru & Sonic (prod. by KS Productions)
03. 3-Wheel Motion feat. Hectic (prod. by Kleph Dollaz)
04. Diamonds feat. Nigel Hall (prod. by Green Tank)
05. Do What I Gotta (prod. by S.C.)
06. Don’t Give A What (prod. by Thorotracks)
07. Flyin Daggaz (prod. by Mass Appeal)
08. Get ‘Em (prod. by Anno Domini)
09. If It Was Up To Me (prod. by KS Productions)
10. That’s Life (prod. by Mass Appeal)
11. Audi (prod. by Mass Appeal)
12. This Is Hip-Hop (prod. by Mass Appeal)
13. This Is Your Life (prod. by Young Cee)
14. Don’t Go Away feat. Nuborn (prod. by Khrysis)
15. Krush feat. Lex Boogie (prod. by Chito)
16. Something About You feat.Nuborn (prod. by Nickel Plated)
17. Like That feat.Dungeon Masta & A.G.R. (prod. by Mass Appeal)
18. Losing Control feat. Guru (prod. by DJ Ron)
19. Luv You (prod. by Thorotracks)
20. Wu-Tang 4 Eva (prod. by Nickel Plated)
21. Blame It On Me (prod. by DJ Stress)
22. Greatness Unveils Righteous Understanding feat. Black Jesus & DJ JS-1 (prod. by G-Clef Da Mad Komposa)




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