Bronze Nazareth – The Great Migration (2006)

October 13, 2011

01. In The Beginning (Intro)
02. The Pain
03. More Than Gold feat. Timbo King
04. Killa Beez Attack (Skit)
05. The Bronzeman feat. Killa Sin
06. One Plan feat. Byata
07. Instrumental (Interlude)
08. Stolen Van Gogh
09. 5th Chamber feat. 12 O’Clock, Sean Price & Prodigal Sunn
10. Stupid Fucking White Man (Skit)
11. Good Morning (A Nice Hell)
12. Rare Breed feat. Phillie
13. Hear What I Say!
14. Black Royalty
15. Detroit feat. Kevlaar 7 & Phillie
16. $ (aka Cash Rule)
17. Poem Burial Ground
18. The Great Migration
19. Bronze Halls (Outro)




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