Theory Hazit – Extra Credit (2007)

October 14, 2011

01. Lesson In Power (prod. by Theory Hazit)
02. Gossip Synopsis (prod. by Tony Stone)
03. Mrs. Hazit (prod. by JustMe)
04. Emit Gninrut (prod. by Roxstar)
05. I Just Wanna Come Home feat. Kaboom (prod. by Vintage)
06. Dumb Dunces feat. K-Drama (prod. by Tony Stone)
07. Extra Credit (prod. by The Are)
08. Hello Kiddeez feat. Kadija & Shawnee Boy (prod. by Lostmind)
09. T Minus Ten (prod. by Roxstar)
10. After School Special feat. JustMe & Sojourn (prod. by Theory Hazit & Jimmy Nastix)
11. I.O.U. feat. Braille (prod. by Re:Flex The Architect)
12. Just Another Day (prod. by The Are)
13. Decisions feat. Shawnee Boy, Kadija, Sivion & Holmskillit (prod. by Vintage)
14. Out With A Bang feat. Sharlok Poems (prod. by Vintage)
15. Ghetto (prod. by Roxstar)



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