Everlast – Songs Of The Ungrateful Living (2011)

October 15, 2011

01  Long At All                                        02:56        
02  Gone For Good                                      03:13       
03  I Get By                                           03:43        
04  Little Miss America                                03:58        
05  My House                                           03:33       
06  Long Time                                          03:26        
07  Friday The 13th                                    02:30        
08  The Crown                                          03:48        
09  Sixty-Five Roses                                   03:10       
10  Moneymaker                                         03:12        
11  The Rain                                           03:25        
12  Some Of Us Pray                                    02:54       
13  I’ll Be There For You                              03:51        
14  Even God Don’t Know                                04:13        
15  A Change Is Gonna Come                             03:16        
                                                        51:08 min    

I know many here are probably not fans of Everlast, but i know some also are. For those who are, enjoy!
Everyone should have some love for House of Pain at least :P

P.S. Both the 320k web encode & the retail CD rip both pred within hours of each other, so i updated the post with both versions, so take your pick, both are scene encodes!

320 kbps (WEB)


VBR Retail (CD Rip)





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