Shabazz The Disciple – Hood Hopera (Theatrica Biblica) (2011)

October 23, 2011

01. Watch Ova Me Lord
02. Hood Hopera (Theatrica Biblica)
03. Shema Israel
04. Look Up (Bow & Arrow) feat. Murdoc
05. T.H.U.G. Angel
06. Scarlett Robe (Prisoner)
07. Overture
08. Manna Machine
09. Premonition
10. Plague Of Diamond Needlez (Superkool)
11. Dear Poppa (The 4th Epistle)
12. Broken Wing
13. Passion Of The Hood Christ
14. Golgotha
15. Broken Halo
16. Many Manzionz
17. Virgin Daughter Of Babylon
18. Pankration (Cage Vs. Cons)




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