Drewtradition – Carry On Tradition (2011)

October 26, 2011

1. Live & Direct (feat. Planet Asia, Tristate & Sick Jacken)
2. Our Tradition (feat. Freddie Gibbs, Young De, Mass & Brevi)
3. Cali Connect (feat. Krondon, Davinci & E.L.S.)
4. High Enough (feat. Chace Infinite, Ryu & Ras Kass)
5. If I Died Today (feat. B-Real, Apathy & Young De)
6. The Boom and the Bap (feat. Basik, Reese One & Bleu Collar)
7. Pants on Sag (feat. Oseeola, Miister Sandman & Gotham Green)
8. New Shit (feat. Young De)
9. Speculations (feat. Damani)
10. New October (feat. Hawdwerk, Poetik Force & Cee Nario)
11. Standing Ovation (feat. El Prez & Chris Focus)
12. Loser Crew (feat. Oseeola & Dukes)
13. Paper Man (feat. Young De)
14. Come On (feat. El Prez)
15. Blazin’ (feat. Soco Burns)


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