Gerald Walker – The Other Half of Letting Go

October 27, 2011

Up-and-coming emcee Gerald Walker has joined forces with and Diamond Supply Co. to bring listeners his latest street release, The Other Half of Letting Go.

The project features 13 original cuts from the Milwaukee representer. Included on the tracklist are previously-featured, reader-approved leaks “Please, Shut the F*ck Up!,” “Recluse,” “Shackles” and “The Missing Piece…”

Joining Gerald Walker on the guest tip throughout The Other Half of Letting Go are Bryant Stewart and Jack Freeman. Original production come courtesy of Cardo, The Rothschilds, Bravestarr, J. LBS, Chemist, B. Keith and Izzy the Kid, RMB Justize, Kuddie Fresh and Sledgren.


01. Entrance [prod. Hans Zimmer]
02. It’s All Real [prod. Cardo]
03. It’s Not a Coincidence (ft. Bryant Stewart) [prod. The Rothschilds]
04. Please, Shut the F*ck Up! [prod. Bravestarr]
05. Shackles [prod. J. LBS]
06. The Missing Piece… [prod. Chemist]
07. The Things We Think and Do Not Say… [prod. B.Keith & Izzy The Kidd]
08. Recluse [prod. RMB Justize]
09. What’s So Different [prod. Timbaland]
10. Ran That Scam [prod. Bravestarr]
11. Living Well Is the Best Form of Revenge…[prod. Kuddie Fresh]
12. Take This to Your Heart (ft. Jack Freeman) [prod. Kuddie Fresh]
13. What Made Milwaukee Famous… [prod. Sledgren]

Artist: Gerald Walker
Title The Other Half of Letting Go
Twitter: Gerald Walker on Twitter
Website: Gerald Walker’s Website


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