Green Street – Endless Summer

October 27, 2011

Brooklyn crew Green Street have hooked up with to bring listeners their latest street album, Endless Summer.

The follow-up to April’s Don’t Look Down, the project features 10 original cuts from emcees A-Live and Soupa and producer Renaissance. Included on the tracklist is previously-featured, reader-approved leak “Runways.”

Joining Green Street on the guest tip throughout Endless Summer are Chris Faust, Fresh Daily, Donwill (of Ta Morgan), Sunny Jones, Ken Ross and Trezure Empire

01. Runways (ft. Sunny Jones)
02. Summer Solstice (ft. Ken Ross)
03. Abundance (ft. Cavalier)
04. Wavy Sundays
05. Cascades (ft. Fresh Daily & Ken Ross)
06. Old Music (ft. Ken Ross)
07. Daydreams (ft. Donwill of Tanya Morgan)
08. Shibuya Nights (ft. Trezure Empire)
09. Sunshowers (ft. Chris Faust & Sunny Jones)
10. Equinox (ft. Trezure Empire)

Artist: Green Street
Title Endless Summer
Website: Green Street’s Website

One Response to “Green Street – Endless Summer”

  1. Denho Says:

    Great mgesase! The narrow road takes patience and discipline to find and continue walking on. But the narrow road is the only road that will lead us where we need to be.I love what you guys are doing with your site! God is using you all in a special way. Can't wait to see where He takes you. Many blessings to you:)

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