The White Shadow Of Norway – Savage (2011)

November 30, 2011

01. Lyrical Apocalypse (feat. Chino XL, Mark Deez & Perseverance)
02. Brutes & Savages (feat. Dr. ILL, Klive Kraven, Powder, Phes One (Clokworx) & Celph Titled)
03. The World (feat. Sha Stimuli, Viro The Virus & Awkword)
04. Victory Cigar (feat. Alltruisms, Lance Ambu, Verbal Kent & Rusty Chains)
05. Hip Hop Will Never Die (feat. The B-Boys)
06. Cluedo (feat. Son Of Saturn)
07. Professional Assassins (feat. Evil Intentions & Rich Mahogany)
08. Operation Shutdown (feat. Banish & Aims)
09. Soldiers (feat. Wordsworth & Clepto)
10. The Blitz (feat. Lt. Mana)
11. The Art Of Raw (feat. Pryme Prolifik, Reakt20, SyckSyllables & Kwote1)
12. Three The Hard Way (feat. Ruste Juxx, Awkword & Poison Pen)
13. Conspiracy Of Silence (feat. Vinnie Paz & Genocide)
14. Walking Wonderful (feat. Infinito 2017)
15. Master Plan (feat. The Pizdamen)
16. Death Trap (feat. Absolute Karnage, Fatha Death, Danegurous & YedidYah Ben Sion)
17. Final Call Of The Barbarians (Dedication 2) (feat. Masta Ace, Virtuoso, The Problemaddicts & Edo G)

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