A$AP Rocky – CEO Freestyle

December 22, 2011

A$AP Rocky lets loose an unreleased freestyle recorded back in either 2006-07. Highlighting that he’s trillness has been present since back in those days, he hits his Twitter to release this little surprise. Check it out and download the tune below.


01. The Section 8 Human Genome Projects (01:19)
02. Turbo Graf X 16 (03:17)
03. Meanwhile… (02:41)
04. WW.Com (02:01)
05. Get Down (01:00)
06. The Beat (01:32)
07. The Who (03:59)
08. Next Sh*t (03:15)
09. Would if Ya Couldn’t (01:51)
10. Dedicated (skit) (00:34)
11. Blue Notes (03:21)
12. Open (00:39)
13. Y’all (00:34)

RELEASED 2011-12-19


01. Intro (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
02. Why Can’t We Chill feat. Termanology (prod. by Jim B)
03. Street Knowledge feat. Mick Luter (prod. by Saikness)
04. Master Of Ceremony feat. Edo G, Encyclopedia Brown & Shawn Boyd (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
05. Definition Of Raw feat. Everliven Sound (prod. by Blastah Beatz)
06. Jet Lagged (Skit) (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
07. We Still Luv Ya feat. ES Snypez, MAV & Don Profit (prod. by Jim B)
08. Let The Beat Knock feat. T.R.A.C. (prod. by Saikness)
09. The Sanskrit Symphony feat. Krohme, Ravage The MeccaGodZilla, Rasul Allah & Mez (prod. by Blastah Beatz)
10. I’m In-It To Win-It feat. MAV, LMNO, Chino D & DJ LD (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
11. Therapeutic feat. NLZ (prod. by Saikness)
12. Dripped In Champagne feat. CL Smooth (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
13. The Feeling feat. Cymarshall Law, Braille, Cesar Comanche & Tiffany Paige (prod. by Jim B)
14. No More feat. Joe Budden, Heartbreak & Killa BH (prod. by Blastah Beatz)
15. No Games feat. Premo Stallone & Grafh (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
16. It’s All Good feat. Shawn Boyd (prod. by Jim B)
17. Outro (prod. by Diaz Millenia)
18. Bonus: Mirror, Mirror feat. Flawell Voc (prod. by Diaz Millenia)



Asher Roth Pabst & Jazz

December 22, 2011

The new highly anticipated mixtape by Asher Roth titled “Pabst & Jazz” is finally released and out to download for free! So make sure you get ready for his album “Is This Too Orange?” setting to drop next year of 2012. Also follow him on Twitter @AsherRoth

Pabst and Jazz (feat. Hassani Kwess; Kenny Keys) [Prod. Blended Babies]

  • 2.Choices (feat. Action Bronson) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 3.In The Kitchen [Prod. Chuck Inglish]
  • 4.Useless (feat. Pac Div) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 5.More Cowbell [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 6.Bastermating (feat. A$AP Twelvy, Chip Tha Ripper, YP) [Prod. Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish]
  • 7.Common Knowledge [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 8.Golden Midas (feat. Boldy James, Nico Segal; Greg Landfair Jr. of KTD;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 9.Insurance (feat. ZZ Ward, Rockie Fresh, Blu;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 10.Hard Times (feat. Kids These Days, Casie Veggies;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 11.Ampersand [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 12.Get By (feat. Nico Segal of Kids These Days;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 13.Not Meant 2 Be (feat. Nathan Santos;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 14.Running Away (feat. Nathan Santos;) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 15.Charlie Chaplin (feat. Phil Ade’, GLC, Thurz; ) [Prod. Blended Babies]
  • 16.Dope Shit [Prod. 1500 or Nothin]


After previously speaking on the song, he Chicago, Illinois rapper comes clean and finally admits the song was about Drizzy.

Earlier today, Common said that if Drake was offended by his song “Sweet,” then he should take it as a personal diss. During an interview with Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning, he was singing a different tune, confirming that the song was written about him and that he should be prepared to be “in the ring.”

“Hey, he opened his mouth and said some things. So if he wants it, that’s what he wants, all that subliminal, you can do that too. But you might want to say that now,” he said. “I mean, the verse is about me, but when you hear some stuff on the chorus, it’s like you can’t help but think about dude, and that’s what he felt. So at the end of the day, he fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it.”

Com explained that his ire stemmed from comments that Drake made about being the best lyricist. He decided to go after rappers who claimed to be the best, since he considered himself to be worthy of that title.

“He’s a very successful artist, obviously. Like I said, I think he’s a talented artist. I give credit where it’s due and I try to speak the truth where I see it. In Hip Hop, there was a lot of that going on,” he said. “Beyond Drake, it’s still some artists I was hearing, some artists I didn’t even know I was hearing. But Drake fits in that category. Any artist could be a target, once you get in and start saying you this and that. When you think about it, KRS-One if you take it there, or when Nas and Jay had a battle, it was about being a doper emcee.

“It’s just about emceeing, and once you step in there, you in the ring,” he continued. “Especially if you’re going to say I’m a champ, I’m the greatest. For me, I’m on ‘Sweet’ saying I’m the greatest, da da da. But there are going to be some cats who come at me, that’s what it is.”


Beneath the Surface is the third solo studio album by Wu-Tang Clan member GZA, an American hip hop musician. It was his second album released as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Amplified Sample”
    • Producer: Mathematics
  3. “Beneath the Surface”
    • First verse: GZA
    • Second verse: Killah Priest
    • Chorus: Res/Santigold
    • Producer: Inspectah Deck
    • Sample: “Back To You” by Jean Plum
  4. “Skit #1”
  5. “Skit #2”
  6. “Crash Your Crew”
    • Intro: RZA
    • Chorus: Ol’ Dirty Bastard
    • First Verse: GZA
    • Producer: John the Baptist
    • Sample: “I Choose You” by Willie Hutch
  7. “Breaker, Breaker”
    • Producer: Arabian Knight
  8. “High Price, Small Reward”
    • First verse: GZA
    • Second verse: Masta Killa
    • Producer: Mathematics
  9. “Hip Hop Fury”
    • Chorus: RZA
    • First verse: Hell Razah
    • Second verse: GZA
    • Third verse: Timbo King
    • Fourth verse: Dreddy Kruger
    • Producer: Arabian Knight
  10. “Skit #3”
  11. “1112”
    • First verse: GZA
    • Second verse: Masta Killa
    • Third verse: Killah Priest
    • Fourth verse: Njeri Earth
    • Producer: RZA
  12. “Skit #4”
  13. “Victim”
    • First verse: GZA
    • Second verse: Njeri Earth
    • Producer: Arabian Knight
  14. “Publicity”
    • Producer: Mathematics
    • Sample: I (Who Have Nothing)” by Terry Knight and the Pack
  15. “Feel Like An Enemy”
    • First verse & chorus: Hell Razah
    • Second verse: Killah Priest
    • Third verse: Trigga
    • Fourth verse: Prodigal Sunn
    • Producer: Mathematics
  16. “Stringplay (Like This, Like That)”
    • First verse: GZA
    • Second verse & chorus: Method Man
    • Producer: Arabian Knight
  17. “Mic Trippin”
    • Producer: Mathematics
  18. “Outro”
    • First verse: La the Darkman
    • Second verse : Timbo King


    • Producer: Arabian Knight


01. The Dreamer (Feat. Maya Angelou)
02. Ghetto Dreams (Feat. Nas)
03. Blue Sky
04. So Sweet
05. Gold
06. Lovin’ I Lost
07. Raw (How You Like It)
08. Cloth
09. Celebrate
10. Windows
11. The Believer (Feat. John Legend)



01. Intro

02. Stoned Genius (prod. Lex Luther)

03. Over Broil feat. Freeway & Oh No (prod. Jake One)

04. Maniac Murders feat. Tri-State (prod. Oh No)

05. Starchild feat. Alchemist (prod. Alchemist)

06. Roses Die feat. Raven Sorvino (prod. Dae One)

07. Open Wounds (prod. Jansport J)

08. Knock Knock (prod. The Unknown)

09. Fly Kicks feat. Termanology (prod. Lee Bannon)

10. High Club (prod. Lee Bannon)

11. Bar Catchers feat. Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) (prod. Soul Professa)

12. Styllions feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Blu (prod. Madlib)

13. Outro

14. Get That feat. Young Americans & Big Twins (aka Twin of Infamous Mobb)

15. Ramsackaz feat. Young Americans & Guilty Simpson


01. Holla
02. Busy With It
03. Calm In The Chaos
04. Paint The Town Red
05. How You Been?
06. Check My Fresh
07. Burn It Down
08. Wanna Be
09. Dimension 3
10. Thunda Cats
11. Captains
12. Ankle Biters
13. Tell ‘em
14. Your Name
15. Easy

Australian Hip Hop.
Building upon Sleeping On Your Style’s outstanding production, eclectic musical influences and compelling rhymes, Foreverlution is, as the title would suggest, a deliberate blend of timeless organic tones interspersed with more contemporary sounding influences. Producing almost the entire record, DJ Morgs has really stepped up-to the plate. In the words of Tuka: “the content itself reflects our growth as a band and also the knowledge/skills we’ve managed to gather since our self-titled debut was released in 2008. In this life, it appears that change is the only constant. The one thing you can truly be sure of is that everything will eventually change. The ideology behind Foreverlution casts a positive spin on this concept. Rather than watching the world go by or letting yourself fall into a state of complacency, involve yourself within it. Learn from your past with the intention of moving forward and growing into a better version of yourself. As the world evolves, evolve with it.” From the ominously dulcet foghorn that intro’s opening track Holla through the big band enthused bombasticism of Calm In The Chaos, lead single Paint The Town Red and the Parisian swell of Check My Fresh (feat. Vida-Sunshyne), the first half of Foreverlution drips with 1920′s speakeasy soul.



01. Hobo’s Warning (Intro) 10:33
02. Simple Man (feat. Rion Maiden, Alzymerz & True Grit) 4:36
03. The Scumbag Shuffle 3:46
04. Real Fucking Ugly (feat. Nutkaze) 3:42
05. Street Life (Skit) 1:13
06. Streetsweepers (feat. Wyze Mindz & Donnie Menace) 3:38
07. Hobo With A Shotgun 3:38
08. Slow Summer 3:39
09. Delivering Justice 3:33
10. I Need Some Help (Skit) 1:06
11. Homeless Handouts (feat. Absoulut Karnage & Anonamix) 3:55
12. Seventies Slaughtershop 3:04
13. Until The Cops Come (feat. Nianima) 4:39
14. Bank Brokers (feat. Pryme Prolifik, Tre-L & Rich Mahogany) 5:44
15. Take Nothing From Nobody 3:14
16. Hobo’s Last Words (Outro) 2:16

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