Video: Sadat X – Remember That

January 23, 2012

One Response to “Video: Sadat X – Remember That”

  1. Rhenie Says:

    Jan,We dsseuiscd Egypt earlier today. You write this garbage and claim that we as Americans are ignorant of the Middle East? I’m sorry, in an earlier post addressed to me; you claim that Nasser’s Egypt was neutral until aligning itself with the US. Well I called you on that. Nasser’s Egypt was hardly neutral They were firmly in the Soviet camp, as evidenced by the Soviet supplied military,.Nasser as a leader was NO more than a military dictator just like Sadat or Mubarak. And don’t forget, he was trying to elevate Egypt to leader of the Arab world by wiping Israel off the map. Please do not make him out for more than he really was. I am old enough to remember his rhetoric leading up to the 6 day war. I remember him kicking the UN peace keepers out of the Sinai.Jan:“In the aftermath of the Camp David Accords, much of Africa and the Arab world were “exposed to imperialist plunder,” what many analysts have called accumulation by dispossession. By direct military intervention or the threat of it the U.S. and other capitalist centers stripped peoples of the rights to own and control their own resources, to be sure with the cooperation of the local allies of the global elite.”Oh my, what is this about? Sadat makes the incredibly bold move, flying to Israel, speaking in front of the Knesset, and causes a firestorm in the Arab world. He makes peace with Israel and you see this as a negative for the Arab world and Africa. It is the most positive event in contemporary Middle East history. Do you hate Israel that much? Do you hate peace that much? Sadat paid for his courageous move towards peace with his life. Nasser drove Egypt into costly humiliation.This is what angers me about the Tikkun bloggers,. They produce works of fiction that fits their indefensible opinions and call it history. You do not come off as any expert on the Middle East and I dare there is little to learn from Michael Lerner. , You have to peel though the deception to find an ounce of truth in your narrative.I suggest try not to deceive that Tikkun faithful. As for Michael Lerner, i suggest anyone read his material and look at it with a huge grain of salt. I trust his expertise on Middle East history as much as I trust FOX News in accurately reporting the news.I suggest that any Tikkun reader seek multiple sources to enhance their knowledge of the Middle East rather than trust Michael Lerner and Jan Garrett and self anointed experts

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