1. Salvation (feat. Unconscious Rascall) 2. Violence (feat. Thirstin Howl III, Block McCloud, Gutta, Chris Carbene & DJ Waxwork) 3. Enter the Void (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze & Spit Gemz) 4. The Black Lodge (feat. Block McCloud) 5. Baby Boy 6. Sadistic Sphinx (feat. Block McCloud & Virtuoso) 7. Eat Your Motherfucking Heart Out (feat. Unconscious Rascall, Dirt Tha General & Chief Kamachi) 8. Hotel Hyde 9. Lust and Loves Domain 10. This Tainted Impulse 11. Kill the Magic (Remix) (feat. Julia Baburova) 12. She Used To Be Love 13. Fallen (feat. Unconscious Rascall)


Slaughterhouse – welcome to : OUR HOUSE (Track List)

1. The Slaughter (Intro) 2. Our House (Feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey) 3. Coffin (Feat. Busta Rhymes) 4. Throw That (Feat. Eminem) 5. Hammer Dance 6. Get Up 7. My Life (Feat. Cee Lo Green) 8. We Did It (Skit) 9. Flip A Bird 10. Throw It Away (Feat. Swizz Beatz) 11. Rescue Me (Feat. Skylar Grey) 12. Frat House 13. Goodbye 14. Park It Sideways 15. Die 16. Our Way (Outro)

Deluxe version:

17. Asylum (Feat. Eminem) 18. Walk Of Shame 19. The Other Side 20. Place To Be (Feat. B.o.B)

01. The Situation (Intro) [Prod. Klive Kraven] 02. Drama (Feat. Amber Thorn and Jon Vegas) [Prod. Jon Vegas] 03. Real Spit (Part 1) (Feat. Aslan and Islord) [Prod. Aslan] 04. Old Man (Part 1) (Skit) 05. Afro-Soldier (Feat. Leggezin Mel, Ho2fa) [Prod. Leggezin] 06. Keep It Steppin’ (Feat. Klive Kraven and Shogun Assassin) [Prod. 4th Disciple] 07. Real Spit (Part 2) (Feat. Islord) [Prod. Aslan] 08. Old Man (Part 2) (Skit) 09. Problem (Feat. Kap, Grimy) [Prod. Kinetic 9 and Klive Kraven] 10. Drugs/Old School [Prod. Kinetic and IMakeMadBeats] 11. The Confrontation (Outro) [Prod. Klive Kraven]

01. Blunt After Blunt 02. Die Like A Rockstar 03. I Will 04. Lie4 05. Blunt After Blunt (Instrumental) 06. Die Like A Rockstar (Instrumental) 07. I Will (Instrumental) 08. Lie4 (Instrumental)

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Kurt McGirt

1. Mystikal Maze 2. Bringing The Phonk 3. Osiris of the East 4. Suck A !! 2012 5. Get Yah Head Bust 6. Been Fweago 7. Grind On Me 8. The Black God 9. No Evidence 10. Paranoid 11. Danger 12. Elevate 13. Don’t Give A Damn 14. Raider Prayer


Kid Ink preps his debut album, which features production from Cardiak and Jahlil Beats.

Kid Ink has revealed the cover art and release date for his upcoming debut album Up & Away.

The album will independently release on June 12th via Kid Ink’s imprint Tha Alumni Music Group. Production on the project comes courteous of Cardiak, Jahlil Beats and Ned Cameron, in addition to several others.

The lead single off the project, “Time of Your Life,” is currently climbing the charts, sitting at No. 37 on the Rhythmic Radio Charts.

Up & Away will release via iTunes and be available at retailers including Hot Topic and FYE.


01. the return of fernando mania 02. the return of fernando mania instrumenta 03. dreaming under pressure 04. dreaming under pressure instrumental


Nas reveals the cover art for his new single “The Don.”

Nas has revealed the cover art for his new single “The Don,” premiering tonight on Funkmaster Flex’s show on Hot 97.

The single, assumed to be off his upcoming untitled album, comes in the wake of his previous street single “Nasty.” It is currently unclear when the LP will release.

Production duo Da Internz recently spoke on the album, likening it to It Was Written in terms of style and lyricism.

“This Nas album is not the Nas that is just like, This is cool. This is cute,” said Tuo. “This is the Nas like really, ‘I’m trying to tear the skin off your face.’ He’s not playing around. Nas is taking you back to the lyrics and concepts like It Was Written.”

CD 1 Mixtape Version (mixed by Doo Wop & Mr. Peter Parker) 01. Castles feat. Doo Wop 02. Kinetics 03. Concrete feat. V-Zilla 04. Thru The Rain feat. Slaine 05. Kingpin 06. Nothin’ 2 Loose 07. The Villain Part Deux 08. Funny Faces 09. Freeze 10. BMX Kids 11. The Architect Pt. II 12. City To City (Remix) feat. Moe Pope 13. Murals feat. Doap Nixon 14. Locked Down 15. The Booth 16. Urban Politics feat. Asylum Lifetime & Correct 1 17. Just Don’t Know feat. Reef The Lost Cauze 18. Time II Build feat. Sherm Larock, Asylum Lifetime & ColomBeyond 19. Sand Storms feat. Emilio Lopez, Outerspace & V-Zilla 20. Shareef The Bank Teller 21. Betta Myself 22. The Question Why feat. ColomBeyond

CD 2 Unmixed Album Version 01. Castles feat. Doo Wop 02. Kinetics 03. Just Dont Know feat. Reef The Lost Cauze 04. Murals feat. Doap Nixon 05. Shareef The Bank Teller 06. Concrete feat. V-Zilla 07. City II City (Remix) feat. Moe Pope 08. Black Vets feat. N.B.S. 09. Locked Down 10. Freeze 11. Urban Politics feat. Asylum Lifetime & Correct 1 12. Funny Faces 13. Blac Terrorist (B.T.M) 14. BMX Kids 15. The Villain Part Deux 16. Kingpin 17. The Booth 18. Sand Storms feat. Emilio Lopez, Outerspace & ColomBeyond 19. Nothin’ 2 Loose feat. Celph Titled 20. The Architect Pt. II 21. Betta Myself 22. The Question Why feat. ColomBeyond