01. Letter To My Countrymen feat. Dr. Cornel West 02. Only Life I Know 03. Stop The Press 04. Mourning In America 05. Gather Round feat. Amir Sulaiman 06. Work Everyday 07. Need a Knot 08. Won More Hit 09. Say Amen 10. Fajr 11. Namesake 12. All You Need 13. My Beloved feat. Choklate and Tone Trezure 14. Singing This Song


Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color finds Brother Ali reborn and rejuvenated. On his fourth full length studio album, Ali teams up with seasoned producer Jake One (50 Cent, De La Soul, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa) to tell a very different American story.

Fully recharged and inspired by his eye-opening first trip to Mecca, the 2011 uprisings in the Middle East, and the worldwide Occupy movements, Brother Ali is prepared to unveil Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color. Created during a prolific, self-imposed two-month exile in Seattle and helped by platinum-selling producer Jake One, the album represents a brave new phase in Brother Ali’s remarkable career trajectory. Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color presents a scathing, yet honest, critique of America and its many flaws while simultaneously presenting a hopeful outlook of its possibilities.

Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color, in all its sonic and lyrical glory, promises to be both the voice of a burgeoning new critical American consciousness as well as the beacon of hope for those that hold fast to its ideals and potential. This is Brother Ali as you’ve never heard him before.


UPDATE: Fif also says he plans to release a video for every cut on the offering.

50 Cent has announced the release of a 10 track collection of tracks, slated to be released next week.

Fif took to Twitter to reveal the project, which will be released in honor of the 10 year anniversary of his first mixtape 50 Cent is the Future. He also said that he will be shooting a video for every track included on the collection.

The G-Unit leader last said that his oft-delayed fifth album would release in December, though the LP is currently without a release date.

Track #8 from Curtis’ Street King Energy series.


Game says 50’s lines in “Love, Hate, Love,” will not go unanswered and promises his own record once he hits a studio.

50 Cent’s latest track “Love, Hate, Love” made its first rounds over the Web yesterday, stirring up sentiments because of its provocative content and intent. Fif spit more hate than he did love though, taking overt shots at both Lil Wayne and full-time adversary, Game.

While Fif questioned Weezy’s un-Hip Hop-like style (“Actin’ like a white boy bored/ Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard”) and mocked the rapper’s clothing (“Why the fuck your pants so tight?/ You trying to show niggas your ass, your alternative life”), his aims at Game struck more personal:

“You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It’s been a while so I’m guessing you must’ve forgot/ Once again you forget ain’t this some shit/ You forgot about me bitch I wrote your hits.”

While Wayne has not responded to the track, Game addressed it in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

Charles Louboutin @50cent I’m on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I’m killin yo “Planet Of The Apes” face havin ass nigga #MEunit
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50 Cent is currently working on his Street King Energy project while Game is gearing up for his official R.E.D. Album tour starting next month.



Chuck Taylor says that even though he’ll pop off at Fif, he respects the G-Unit leader.

Game has had a tumultuous relationship with 50 Cent over the past few years, flipping between beefing with him and wanting to reconcile. During a recent interview with Fuse, Chuck Taylor explained that he hoped to collaborate with Fif for The R.E.D. Album and that he’s got nothing but love for him.

“I recorded a couple of songs and I had him in mind. It’s nothing but love with him. I might shoot a shot or crack a joke here or there, but that was then,” he said.

He also spoke on his growth as an emcee over the years, explaining that his experience has made him a better lyricist.

“I’m more seasoned. I believe in myself and my pen, more confident. I think I’m at my peak, I’m on my best and I think with the R.E.D. Album, people are going to be able to notice it.”


Fif says that his next album fulfills his contract with Interscope Records and how some decisions were poorly made.

50 Cent has made his beef with Interscope Records public over the past few months, explaining that he and the company weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on his oft-delayed fifth album. Speaking with MTV UK, Fif confirmed that the LP, formerly titled Black Magic, would be his last for Interscope and that he’s recorded “more than enough material for it.”

“It’s actually my final requirement. My fifth album and the final requirement for Interscope. I had some difficulties with the actual system,” he said. “There are people there that are afraid to lose their job; they’ve seen other people get fired. I think they’re afraid to make some decisions that need to be made right away, they just sit and look. […] We’ve had some conversations communicated to develop plans for different things and it’s not actually executed in the time plan that we’ve created. And I get frustrated and I start doing things, like I put the record out.”

The G-Unit leader said that he prefers to saturate the market with records before dropping a full-length and that the way that Interscope handled his single “I’m On It” caused problems between both parties.

“I condition my core audience to hear me a lot, because I perform at least two albums worth of material before I actually release the album. And when they don’t hear aggressive content, they turn their nose up at material, unless it’s already worked on radio,” he continued. […] It doesn’t actually mean that I don’t like the company because all the success I’ve had in my career has been with Interscope records. It’s just a frustration at different points –  like I had a song just go out and it was in their position, they were moving around to actually make the music video for it and then they go ‘ok, I don’t want that song no more’ because it’s been presented in the wrong way to the public. […] Then people go ‘I don’t like this, I like this, I don’t know!’ – there’s no event to it. It’s not difficult when you’ve recorded 40 songs, it’s like so what? If you only have one song, you should just go jump off the song. Go get it.”


Following their prior collaboration, 50 Cent has inked a deal with the NoLa native to join his roster.

In addition to signing Shawty Lo the G-Unit family, 50 Cent is again expanding his roster. According to MTV’s RapFix, Kidd Kidd is the latest to join the team, with Fif breaking the news on the set of Tony Yayo’s upcoming video for “Haters.”

The New Orleans, Louisiana recently released his single “Better Walk” featuring 50 Cent, a cut off his May 2011 release The Reallionaire. He previously explained that Fif supported his music and recently hit up his album release party.

“50 came at me direct and I respect that,” he told SOHH. “It’s a respect thing, you feel me? There’s not too many real out there that do what they do. He told me when he comes down to New Orleans, he’s gonna come and get at me. And that’s what happened. He came to the N.O. and got with me.”


50 talks about his mentors, and opines on Nicki Minaj’s greatest asset.

in a recent interview on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on radio station Power 106, 50 Cent discussed a gamut of topics, including the other two parts of Aftermath’s “three-headed-monster,” Eminem and Dr. Dre.

“You don’t really expect to have someone come into your life… that you know has nothing but good intentions,” said 50 of Eminem. “He made so much money selling records that he don’t really have interest in a lot of the other stuff… So for me, they’ll be asking me questions…about the deals I do away from music. For Dre, the big thing was the ‘Beats,’ the headset.”

50 also touched on Dr. Dre, with whom he had a brief spat about becoming a potential competitor with Dre’s headphone line. “I love Dre…Without ‘In Da Club’ and Dre’s guidance on the first record…none of those other things would’ve happened!” explained Fif. “That’s the biggest record of my career still! Dre can be difficult at times, and not intentionally. He can be on his own and in his world…like the [headphone thing], we had to clear that up face-to-face, me and Dre, personally.” 50 stopped short of saying he was surprised that he was not included in the “Beats by Dre” headset line, but he did point out that Diddy was given an opportunity to get involved, which may appear odd as he is outside of the Aftermath family.

The Queens emcee was also asked about Nicki Minaj’s ass, and whether it was the real deal. “I don’t know. Does it matter?” he asked, before opining that many in the industry were guilty of getting butt implants.

Apparently rapper 50 Cent has been having some issues with his label Interscope Records and decided to release the first single from his upcoming album sans the labels blessing. Although I hate to do it I gotta give 50 Cent props for not waiting on the label to give him the go ahead when it came to releasing “Outlaw.” The track isn’t amazing, but there’s nothing gimmicky about the song and it shows that Fifty’s still got it.

On top of premiering “Outlaw” on the Funkmaster Flex show 50 Cent also revealed that his main problem with Interscope is that he seems to be two steps ahead of them.

“I sat through the meetings, I tried to go through the regular politics, the red tape on how you’re supposed to do it, but that doesn’t work for me,” 50 Cent explained. “I’ve always done it and everybody’s played catch-up with me. With Jimmy [Iovine] and them, we all sat and talked about it and it seemed like everyone was moving in slow motion, so I’m gone.”

I do have to add that “Outlaw” doesn’t really seem to go with 50 Cent’s S-curl that well. He should have added some production by Babyface and a chorus sung by R. Kelly.

Play 50 Cent – Outlaw
Download “50 Cent – Outlaw”


Fif touches on a number of topics and clarifies what went wrong with Interscope Records.

In addition to dropping off his new single “Outlaw” last night, 50 Cent called into Funkmaster Flex to address claims made against Interscope Records earlier that day. During the interview, Fif insisted that he’s always been ahead of the curve in terms of promotion and marketing, but that the label isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with him.

“I sat through the meetings, I tried to go through the regular politics, the red tape on how you’re supposed to do it, but that doesn’t work for me,” he said. “I’ve always done it and everybody’s played catch-up with me. With Jimmy [Iovine] and them, we all sat and talked about it and it seemed like everyone was moving in slow motion, so I’m gone.”

The G-Unit leader also touched on Dexter Isaac’s confession to being involved with the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, saying that he doesn’t understand why this would come to light 17 years later.

“I think whoever dude saying he was involved, I don’t know why he would say that right now. I think they’re upset with Jimmy [“Henchman” Rosemond]. Because at this point, the statute of limitations would be up on that kind of situation, and he’s saying it without actually damaging his credibility of being a rat by saying the statute of limitation’s up. He was saying that he just feels bad about it, but he knows that Jimmy has some terrible legal problems right now. So to say that is just piling it on him. He’s done, they’re going to wash him up, Flex.”

As for his former nemesis Ja Rule, Curtis said he has some intel that he’s going to face some trouble while behind bars. “When you destroy something, you’re supposed to destroy it completely. Now he’s gone, now he’s gone completely. I even know what joint he in. He’s up in… I don’t want to say that, because a psychic told me he’s gonna have some trouble in there. Yeah, I heard that, but that’s when you put your ear on the street and you hear things.”