In celebration of Crown Royal Black’s partnership with Big Boi, cameras went behind the scenes to document Big Boi during his tour in Europe to capture moments of his life and career that showcase his definition of “The Crown Life.” The short film lets audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed at Glastonbury in England and at Hove Festival in Norway, as well as a day off in Budapest, Hungary.

The film is directed by Jacob Lincoln for Greenpoint Pictures.

“The Crown Life” is a multi-layered campaign created to mark and celebrate life’s crowning moments. On the heels of the launch of new variant, Crown Royal Black whisky, Crown Royal has gathered influential designers, filmmakers, hip-hop royalty, cultural influencers and nightlife superstars to help celebrate “The Crown Life” and express what it means to them.

Big Boi, Organized Noize and the rest of the Dungeon Family show their respect for late British soul icon Amy Winehouse. The collective sends out this previously unreleased remix of “Tears Dry on Their Own” off of her sophomore album Back to Black. Sublime as they come, so listen below!


Sir Luscious Leftfoot sits down with The Urban Daily to discuss his lyrics and why he’s a Jedi.

The Urban Daily recently caught up with legendary ATL rapper Big Boi of the duo Outkast at the very studio where he and partner Andre 300 recorded their seminal album Stankonia. During the interview, Sir Luscious Leftfoot gave some insight into his mindset as a lyricist.

Big Boi explains that he remains humble when it comes to his craft, viewing himself more as a student than a master. He also adds that music his personal drug choice, both with regard to making it and listening to it. 

“When we first started…being inside of the craft and on top of what you are doing, you didn’t know [it you were good],” he admitted. “I still right now consider myself a student. I’m still learning. I just know that it makes me take it [seriously]. I have to be making music, and I know if I don’t listen to music I kind of get down and get depressed, so it’s kind of like my drug.”

Big Boi also discusses how his own daily experiences influence his craft. He says that he keeps open with regard to inspiration, and that he tries to make songwriting an enjoyable and spontaneaous experience as opposed to a structure one.

“You might be riding in the car, you might be sitting here and an idea hits you,” he explained. “I might be looking at the TV and a falsehood on the news might kind of [make] me want to talk about it. It’s just my music is inspired by my life, so I just kind of talk about my life’s experiences…I have fun with this shit. I’ve got nothing to prove to nobody, man, I’m a Jedi.”

Watch the full interview to hear General Patton deliver a poem for the camera.

Big Boi teamed up with Crown Royal Black for the creation of this short film titled “The Crown Life”. Featuring appearances by Killer Mike and MMG’s Pill.

Rapper, songwriter, and producer Big Boi has partnered with Crown Royal to develop unique content and put his own spin on the iconic Crown Royal bag. Cameras went behind the scenes to document Big Boi in compelling moments of his life and career that showcase his definition of “The Crown Life.” The short film will let audiences into Big Boi’s life as he performed at the 2011 Grammy Awards; inside his studio, Stankonia, as he prepares for his latest projects; and an evening out on the town in his hometown of Atlanta with stops at his favorite spots to unwind.

“Crown Royal is my drink of choice, and I’m proud to be the first to put my own spin on The Crown Life,” said Big Boi. “The design of the iconic pouch, the film we’ve created, and the products these incredible designers produced were all inspired by how we like to commemorate life. It’s about celebrating the moments that make up our everyday lives, and doing so respectfully and responsibly.

Interesting news from Big Boi arrive us today as the Outkast rapper announced that he and his 16-year-old daughter, Jordan, have launched a record label named Purple Kidz. In a conversation with Billboard he unveiled that the imprint will boast a roster of younger artists that will attract listeners of all ages. Father and daughter will function sole partners.

“My daughter just turned 16 years old, and you can see it on MTV’s [‘My Super Sweet Sixteen’], where they get cars, and things that depreciate and just don’t mean nothing. I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label.”

The label’s first signee is Gabbie Rae, a 12-year-old singer who has appeared on “The Tyra Banks Show.” What are your thoughts on this?