01. My Universe (Feat. Vinnie Paz) 02. Creed Of The Greedier 03. Mossad 04. Mind Your Business 05. Electronic Funeral (Feat. Sean Price) 06. The Story Goes On 07. Letter To Ouisch 08. Snow Beach (Feat. Thirstin Howl III) 09. They Eyes Of Santa Muerte (Feat. Sick Jacken) 10. Murder World 11. Coka Kings (Feat. Vinnie Paz) 12. .38 Revolver (Feat. Big Left) 13. Malverde Market 14. Masters Of The Dark Arts 15. Everybody Down feat. Jaysaun & Q-Unique (iTunes Bonus Track) 16. No Hay Tiempo Para Mañana feat. Outerspace (iTunes Bonus Track)


v0 mp3 coded from itunes m4a.  Did not confirm this, but does appear all tracks are working correctly.