01. Early 90′s feat. Double A.B., Karniege & Torae (prod. by Kount Fif) 02. Dead End Street feat. Killah Priest, Steven King & Sunny Seeza (prod. by Jason Rose) 03. Year Of The Hustle feat. Nine & Planet Asia (prod. by Kount Fif) 04. Year Of The Gun feat. Gillie Da Kid, Inspectah Deck, Royce Da 5’9 & Bronze Nazareth (prod. by Bronze Nazareth) 05. The Crusaders feat. Killah Priest & Empuls (prod. by Kount Fif) 06. Six feat. Redd Mudd & Copywrite (prod. by Kount Fif) 07. Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light feat. Akrobatik (prod. by Kount Fif) 08. Entertainment Is Personal feat. Awol One (prod. by Brycon) 09. Media feat. Louis Logic, C-Rayz Walz & Jason Rose (prod. by Brinknam) 10. The War Chant feat. Killah Priest, Lord Basis, Jason Rose & Diabolic (prod. by Brinknam) 11. Reality Wrap feat. Copywrite (prod. Kount Fif & Jason Rose) 12. Change My Fate feat. Cappadonna, Killah Priset & Jason Rose (prod. by Kount Fif) 13. Crocodile Smile feat. Copywrite, U-God & Planet Asia (prod. by Kount Fif, Jason Rose) 14. Arkansas Toothpick feat. Copywrite, Planetary, Roc Marciano & Jason Rose (prod. by Kount Fif) 15. Berserker (Hard Body) feat. Outerspace (prod. by Kount Fif) 16. Never Ending feat. Heltah Skeltah (prod. by Kount Fif) 17. Light on Time feat. Planet Asia & Vast Aire (prod. by Kount Fif & Melodious Monk)


01. In The Beginning (Intro)
02. The Pain
03. More Than Gold feat. Timbo King
04. Killa Beez Attack (Skit)
05. The Bronzeman feat. Killa Sin
06. One Plan feat. Byata
07. Instrumental (Interlude)
08. Stolen Van Gogh
09. 5th Chamber feat. 12 O’Clock, Sean Price & Prodigal Sunn
10. Stupid Fucking White Man (Skit)
11. Good Morning (A Nice Hell)
12. Rare Breed feat. Phillie
13. Hear What I Say!
14. Black Royalty
15. Detroit feat. Kevlaar 7 & Phillie
16. $ (aka Cash Rule)
17. Poem Burial Ground
18. The Great Migration
19. Bronze Halls (Outro)




Vol. 1
1. Intro
2. Childhood War
3. Beat Snippet # 1
4. Righteous Talk feat. Killah Priest & Timbo King
5. Southpaw
6. Bended Knee To The Man Upstairs
7. 100 Skeletons
8. He Died From Pen feat. Kevlaar
7 9. Cassettes
10. One Day
11. Work
12. Beat Snippet # 2
13. Shaolin Kung Fu Training
14. To The Table feat. Salute
15. Grammy
16. Solarplexis
17. Beat Snippet # 3
18. Tired
19. Turn The Lights Off feat. Kevlaar 7
20. Sinuhe (Verse

Vol. 2
1. Intro
2. Dopest
3. Aim At MC’s 2
4. Danica feat. Phillie
5. Baronze Obama
6. Street Corners (Fam Members Only Remix) feat. Masta Killa, GZA, Inspectah Deck & Solomon Childs
7. Mckinley Shot Burst feat. Salute
8. Honor’s Promise (1st Mix) feat. The Wisemen
9. Millenium Warfare (Alt. Take) feat. Hell Razah & Killah Priest
10. Detroit Taliban feat. The Wisemen
11. World Bred feat. Kevlaar 7, Beace
12. Lyrical Swords feat. GZA & Ras Kass
13. Foul Mouth Bugsy feat. Kevlaar 7 & G-Side 1
14. The Beacetro feat. Beace
15. Blade Runner feat. June Megalodon
16. Mc Death March feat. Kevlaar 7 & June Megalodon
17. Goblins feat. Planet Asia & The Wisemen
18. Michigan Rain
19. Black Royalty (Quality Version)
20. The Bronzeman (Correct Version) feat. Killa Sin
21. Associated feat. GZA & The Wisemen
22. Night Of The Long Knife feat. 5 Star
23. Zu-Tang feat. Zu Keeper & Chi King
24. My Pain Is Inside These Notes


Here’s another look from the upcoming Wu-Tang project Legendary Weapons. This one featuring an illustrious lineup of RZA, U-God, Cappadonna and Bronz Nazareth, all of which went in on this production. The album meanwhile, is set to hit stores on July 26, 2011 and is executive produced by RZA. More Wu underway, stay tuned!

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