01. E Holla Intro (Prod. by DeeJay Element) 02. BRWN (prod. by EP of The Doppelgangaz) 03. Rhett Committed Murder (prod. by DJ Rhettmatic, cuts by DeeJay Element) 04. Say It Now feat. Akie Bermiss (prod. by J57, cuts by DeeJay Element) 05. 406 (prod. by Audible Doctor) 06. BRWN (J57 Remix) 07. Rhett Committed Murder (Audible Doctor Remix) 08. Say It Now (DeeJay Element Remix) (cuts by DeeJay Element) BONUS TRACKS: 09. Rottweilers (prod. by J57) 10. Sinful Ways feat. Akie Bermiss (prod. by DeeJay Element) 11. I Fucks With That (prod. by DeeJay Element) 12. Kin feat. Akie Bermiss (prod. by Audible Doctor) 13. Rottweilers (Audible Doctor Remix) 14. I Fucks With That (J57 Remix)




01. Get Up
02. Undeniable (Audible Doctor Remix)
03. Raw Daddy
04. Larry Norris
05. The Workhorse
06. League Of Intoxicated Gentlemen
07. Gimme The Booze (Live Version Only)


Act Live

For the second installment of our live concert series, we bring you Brown Bag AllStars – Live From The ROC. This live EP was also recorded June 4, 2010 in Rochester, NY at The Dub Land Underground.