CD 1 Lyrical Law
01. Lyrical Law Intro
02. Lyrical Noir
03. The Art Of Yo
04. Fight With The Champ
05. The Emerald Cypher
06. The Golden Cypher
07. The Cypher Of Agartha
08. Cypher Of Steel
09. Cypher Of Five Mics
10. The Cypher Of Bread And Butter
11. Bis And Sun Ruck And Rock
12. The Ghost Of Hiphops Past
13. Cypher With Self
14. Rip Vs. Poet Laureate
15. Bonus Track

CD 2 Lyrical Law
01. Money
02. Brainwash Reversal (Remix)
03. Emergency Broadcast
04. Dead By Design (Remix)
05. We Go Hard
06. Gold And Bronze (Remix)
07. The Spitboss Cypher
08. Melatonin Magik (Remix)
09. Dread Alert Part 2
10. The Emerald Cypher
11. Dragon Of Judah (Remix)
12. Summertime Heat
13. Where’s The Love
14. The Golden Cypher
15. Who You Know
16. Cypher Of Five Mics
17. Ripperland (Remix)

CD 3 T.H.E.M. (Unreleased album from 1993)
01. Introduction To The Group Home
02. New York Never Sleeps
03. Distortion
04. Vocab
05. No Doubt
06. Fuck A Yard
07. Sprite Commercial
08. Literate Lyricists
09. Cypher Dialect Pt. 1
10. Cypher Dialect Pt. 2
11. Shout
12. 5 Lines
13. Lyrical Warfare
14. Real Muthaphukaz
15. Spit A Verse
16. Mad Drama



Premo and Yayo sit down with ThisIs50 Radio to talk about their respective beefs with Young Buck, Game and Canibus

ThisIs50 Radio’s Maya the B and Hynaken recently sat down G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo and DJ Premier for a joint interview. During their respective interview slots, Yayo and Premo discussed their respective feuds with Game, Young Buck and Canibus.

Yayo first addressed G-Unit producer Sha Money XL’s desire to work with former member Game. Yayo said that he feels it’s disrespectful for Sha to want to work with Game after all that the Unit has achieved. Regardless, he says he feels no ill will towards Sha Money.

“I heard Sha Money [XL] say he’ll work with Game,” said Yayo. “After all the money the nigga’s done fucked up, you’re going to work with this guy? But I’m a real nigga, see, my thing is loyalty and being honest and being real. My whole situation with Game and [Young] Buck…it’s more me being mad, like ‘Why fuck up the money?’ If we’re all in the business…why would y’all fuck up the money? It just don’t make sense. Game, I talked to this nigga on the phone. His album dropped , like ‘Yo, congratulations’…we wre like the motherfucking Beatles…Sha Money’s my nigga, but why even work with somebody that says, ‘Fuck G-Unit,’ after what we just built? Why build up a brand to destory it?”

Yayo also talked about his relationship with another former G-Unit member Young Buck. He says that while he never had any personal issue with the Unit’s southern member, but that his spending habits affected his work and personal relationships witht he rest of his labelmates.

“I never really had no problems with [Young] Buck,” “I really, really like Buck. I just don’t understand why he was flipping like that…Buck goes H.A.M. He was hanging around [Big] Meech [of the Black Mafia Family]…he was going hard [with his money]. Buck is the type of nigga to shoot his [music videos that] he’s got the Bentley on the truck, the 64 [Impala]…he’s getting that shit from Tennessee. He’s going to the mall, spending like $10-20 grand. His spening was off the hook.”

Permo also discussed his past issue with Canibus in full. As reported this past March, Canibus took offense to a statement Premier made about ‘Bis being the most difficult rapper he’s worked with in his career due to a disagreement they had over a beat he had originaly intended for Bis’s “Nigganometry.”

“He wanted to do a song that he called ‘Nigganometry, and he said that he wanted it to have a mean bass line, just raw” I did that, which happen to turn out to be…D’Angelo[‘s] ‘Devil’s Pie’…I brought it to the lab. He said ‘I don’t think that you really  understand where I’m coming from with what I’m trying to bring out,’ and he kind of said it in a sonning me type of way. Because he [was] a youngster and I respect my elders…and I know my stripes have been earned, I was a little bothered by it. Obviously, I got over it, because we did a song two years ago called ‘Golden Terra of Rap.'”


01.  Enter The Adonai (Intro)                                     2:11
02.  Rock Wit Us Ft. Planet Asia                                  4:14
03.  No Brainer                                                   3:51
04.  Undergods Roll                                               3:55
05.  129                                                          3:53
06.  Freestyle A Chorus                                           3:38
07.  The Guilty Will Pay Ft. Crooked I And Eric Sermon            3:12
08.  Stop Frontin’                                                3:32
09.  Follow El Shaddai                                            4:14
10.  Supreme Lyrical Beings (Interlude)                           1:13
11.  Show Em’ What Crazy Is Ft. Tech N9ne                         4:27
12.  Torsion Fields                                               3:23
13.  We Blakout Too                                               3:20
14.  Gotta Be Real Ft. Urban Rose                                 3:28
15.  The Princes Of Persia                                        2:27
16.  Secret Weapons                                               5:21
17.  Rise Of The Machines                                         3:51
18.  Tetragrammaton Gods Ft. Born Sun And Joe The Butcher         4:35



01 – Tell The Truth

02 – Monsters
03 – The House of Slaughter
04 – Natural Born Skilla
05 – Where Evil Lurks
06 – The Bronze Man
07 – Return From Mecca
08 – Golden Ages
09 – I’m A Threat
10 – Magical Rap
11 – That’s It
12 – Apocalyptic Reinforcements
13 – Ammo Cans
14 – The Final Hour


Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 and Crooked I turn to Twitter to respond to the Canibus diss “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes.”

Following the recent release of the Canibus diss track, “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes,” the members of Slaughterhouse turned to Twitter to share their immediate reactions to the Queen’s rappers diss.

“Just for the record Canibus been on sum bullshit with SH for months behind the scenes tho,” Crooked I Tweeted yesterday, May 5. “I dont give #2shits about it either way.. I ignored him when he was on bs with me.. Didnt kno dat huh?”

As the title states, “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes” is primarily targeted at Joe Budden although Canibus doesn’t hesitate in calling out other members of Slaughterhouse. Ironically, Budden didn’t offer much of a reaction on Twitter following the song’s release.

On the other hand Royce Da 5’9, who Canibus referred to as a “moist buttwipe” on “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes,” was quite short with his response to the track.

“Dear Canibus.. ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzz,” said Royce Da 5’9 via Twitter.

“Why everybody just always diss me n Joey? Lol it’s 2 more gentleman in our group. Why yall never bother them? Scared? Lol prolly so,” Royce later added.

The release of “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes” comes just weeks before the May 31st  release of Canibus’ album with Keith Murray titled In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphones To Dust.

Joe Budden recently hinted that he’s got a diss track up his sleeve aimed at Canibus, tweeting “I promise y’all that if I got high, I would smoke Canibus.” The Queens, New York rapper isn’t taking it lightly, teaming up with Born Sun and releasing a harsh response titled “Lyrical Law vs. Joey Cupcakes.”

On the cut, Bus brands Jumpoff Joey as the weakest link in Slaughterhouse. “First things first, man, you fuckin’ with the worst / You betta bring an ice pack when I see you in person / And I’ma bring an arsenal, ask Joe who the fuck he talkin’ to / He the softest nigga in the group!” he raps.

His lyrical assault continues by digging into Budden’s personal life. “Internet snitcher, like a little bitch / Joey low life, living off rice and goat tripe / He boasts on the mic, then he posts on the site / Then exposed his whole life for the dope, for a price / Don’t rep the culture right / Sold his soul for the hype / Got known overnight for niggas fuckin’ his wife / Got bust in the eyesight and still wouldn’t fight!”

While his potshots at Royce Da 5’9” were thinly veiled, he brings his venom to light at the end of his verse. “You a disgrace to Jersey, you suck on the mic / You and 5’9” are like two moist buttwipes / Walkin’ around all uptight,” he continues.

Canibus is currently gearing up for the release of his collaboration LP The Undergods with Keith Murray, and will later release an album as part of the HRSMN super group featuring Kurupt, Ras Kass and Killah Priest. The group collaborated with Slaughterhouse on a track titled “House of Hor