01. Intro (Redemption Songs) produced by Little People3.44
02. Lay Low ft. French Montana produced by Harry Fraud2.46
03. That’s Nasty produced by Sid Roams2.50
04. Extreme produced by Havoc3.21
05. I’m From The Trap ft. French Montana produced by Havoc2.56
06. Make A Hole ft. Havoc and Lady Luck produced by Havoc3.10
07. Great Spitters ft. Cory Gunz produced Havoc3.16
08. They Scared ft. Havoc and Waka Flocka produced by Havoc3.18
09. Slaughterhouse produced by SC2.39
10. Getting Closer ft Havoc and Estelle produced by Justice League2.42
11. Look In My Life produced by Mr. Porter3.20
12.They Love Me In The Hood0.58
14.Top Shottas2.28
15.Running From1.49
16.1,2,3, Grind2.06
18.Body Bag1.20
19.It’s A Body1.39
20.Bottles Go Bang1.43
21.Dirty Martini1.49
22.Most Dangerous2.11
23.No One Can Stop Us1.25
24.The Type3.06
25.Don’t Tell Me1.25
27.Hell on Earth 20120.45


The self-proclaimed pretty motherf*cker is virtually everywhere these days. And upon gracing the cover of Complex’s forthcoming issue, the New York-based publication also caught up with Rocky to discuss his favorite albums. There are several artists and projects named that you would definitely expect, along with a gang that may leave you a little shocked. Regardless, head on over to Complex to see A$AP Rocky’s 25 favorite albums.