With Coachella and SXSW already announcing their lineups, the independent hip-hop festival known as Paid Dues is now underway with letting loose names of performers set to hit their stage this year. Scheduled for Saturday, April 7, Paid Dues has already announced that Wu-Tang Clan and Odd Future will both headline the show and a few of the named acts so far include Dipset, Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quik, Psycho Realm and Dilated Peoples. Additional performers are still to be announced, and tickets are available now by clicking here.


DOWNLOAD: DJ Quik – Heavy Mr. Big Stuff (Heavy D Tribute)

Off Kurupt’s upcoming compilation album Penagon Rydaz dropping next October 4th.


Quik Is the Name is the debut album from Compton rapper/producer DJ Quik, released on July 1, 1991 on Profile Records. The album is regarded by fans and critics as one of the most acclaimed rap albums of the gangster rap era as well as Dj Quik’s best album. The album was entirely produced by Dj Quik, and had a major impact on west coast hip hop, as well as cementing Dj Quik as one of the premier hip hop artists of the 90’s. The album went platinum and was included in the Source Magazine’s 100 greatest hip hop albums



Quik talks to LA Weekly about his 2006 prison sentence and his Compton upbringing.

Earlier this year, DJ Quik returned to music after a six-year absence with his latest album The Book of David. Now, in a recent interview with LA Weekly, the Compton legend opens up about his musical reemergence and emotional trials over the last few years.

Quik discussed his five-month prison sentence he served in 2006 for assault. He explained that he ended up in the bing after he allegedly pistol whipped his sister after she threatened to kidnap his children and extort $2 million from him. He also explained what it was like to do time and prison and dealing with other inmates.

“I snapped and blacked out,” he explained. “My schizophrenic sisterhad convinced her sons to extort $2 million from me or they were going to kidnap and kill my children. I love my kids. It went too far.”

He later added, “I waited for them to fuck with me [in prison], but they never followed up. I’m not a badass, but I ain’t gonna take shit from anyone. How am I going to let someone take my manhood?”

Quik’s prison sentence gave him time to reflect on his upbringing in Compton and the years he spent as a member of the Bloods. He said his sentence gave him a better perspective on his life and prompted him to pen an autobiography.

“After a few days, I realized that I’d been subjugat[ed] to horrible things that happened since childhood,” he noted. “Every memory was a different trauma. I wondered how I survived…you can’t comem through Compton and not know where the bones are buried.”

The full interview can be read here.


1. Fire And Brimstone 3:47
2. Do Today (Feat. BlaKKazz K.K. And Jon 4:21
3. Ghetto Rendezvous 3:34
4. Luv Of My Life (Feat. Gift) 4:08
5. Babylon (Feat. Bizzy Bone And BlaKKazz K.K.) 3:38
6. Killer Dope 4:50
7. Real Women (Feat. Jon 4:03
8. Poppin (Feat. BlaKKazz K.K.) 3:40
9. Hydromatic (Feat. Jon B And Gift) 2:57
10. Across The Map (Feat. Bizzy Bone And Bun 2:57
11. Nobody (Feat. Suga Free) 3:37
12. Boogie Till You Conk Out (Feat. Ice Cube) 3:07
13. Flow For Sale (Feat. Kurupt The Kingpin) 2:54
14. So Compton (Feat. BlaKKazz K.K.) 3:39
15. Time Stands Still (Feat. Dwele) 4:29
16. The End (Feat. Carry Shider) 13:20