Just the another episode in the series… With some stuff I had to say. (at 19:19)

“The whole ANOTHER EPISODE series started when people would ask me what I’m listening to at the moment, so instead of going thru my iPhone and telling them. I decided to create a mini-mix of some songs I’m on and think others should hear.

This is NOT a PLAY ALL THE NEWEST TRACKS mix, I really am bumping these tracks on the reg. So check out the mix, support the artists and I’ll see ya next time…” SQEME




Spring Break 2012

– Kanye West f/ Rihanna: All Of The Lights – Big Sean & Drake: All Of The Lights Remix – SBTRKT f/ Drake: Wildfire (YM Remix) – Martin Solveig: Hello (RISAMB 808 RMX) – Lil Wayne f/ Busta Rhymes- She Will Remix – Nicki Minaj: Did It On Em – Yelawolf f/ Gucci Mane: I Just Wanna Party – Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo: Make Me Better – Eve f/ Timbaland: Nothing To Say – Big Sean f/ Chris Brown: My Last – Willow Smith: Whip My Hair (Benjamin Styles Remix) – Mike Posner: Wonderfall – Snoop Dogg f/ Wiz Khalifa: That Good – Jay Rock f/ Kendrick Lamar: Hood Gone Love – Tech N9ne f/ Oobergeek, Kendrick Lamar: I Love Music – J Dilla: Two Can Win – Big Sean: Two Can Win – Fat Joe f/ Young Jeezy: Ha Ha (Slow Down Son) – Nas: The Don – Danny Brown: Grown Up – Iggy Azalea f/ T.I.: Murda Bizness – Tyga: Rack City – Loverance f/ 50 Cent: Up Remix – Nicki Minaj f/ Drake: Moment 4 Life – Busta Rhymes: Dangerous (The Big Beat Next Level Mix) – Busta Rhymes: Dangerous – Luniz: I Got 5 On It (Daims & ChriSuupreme Remix) – Pickster One & Riot Earp: I Get Around – Rihanna: What’s My Name (Low Sunday Up On It) – KRS One: Step Into A World (Dave Nada Remix) – Dev f/ 50 Cent: In The Dark Remix – Jaylib: The Red (Turbulence Remix) – Jay Z & Kanye West: Otis (Aylen Remix) – Enrique Iglesias f/ Ludacris, Lil Jon: Tonight – Black Eye Peas: Don’t Stop The Party – Jason Derulo: Don’t Wanna Go Home (Mikael Willis Remix) – The Clipse: Grindin’ (Turbulence Remix) – Zhane’: Hey DJ (Turbulence Remix) – LMFAO: Sexy And I Know It (Party Rocker Edit) – Drake f/ Lil Wayne: Miss Me – Kanye West f/ DJ Khaled: Theraflu – Jay Z & Kanye West: Who Gon Stop Me – Big Sean f/ Rascoe Dash: Marvin Gaye And Chardonnay – Kendrick Lamar f/ Dr. Dre: The Recipe

This is an adventure in music, Spring Break steez, 85 minutes and 44 tracks. Music for the BBQ straight to the Club and back for the After Party.  The dope tracks for the guys with the dancing songs for the girls. Listen, Download, tell your friends…


Another Episode part 5

– DJ SQEME: Intro (Remember…) – Brotha Lynch Hung f/ Tech N9ne: Taking Online Orders – Bad Meets Evil: A Kiss – Strong Arm Steady: Much More – ASAP Rocky f/ ASAP Ferg: Kissin’ Pink – Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko, T-Pain, Lil Wayne: Fuck Food – Apathy f/ Action Bronson: All I Think About – Childish Gambino: Freaks & Geeks – Classified f/ B.O.B., Royce da 5’9: They Call This Hip Hop – Tech N9ne f/ Krizz Kaliko, E40, Snoop Dogg: Pornographic



LIVE Session…

•Jay Rock- Boomerang
•T.I.- She Will Remix
•Mike Posner- Henny & Purple
•Note sTo Self f/ Evidence- Nobody (Recoil Remix)
•Busta Rhymes f/ Chris Brown- Why Stop Now
•Wiz Khalifa- Dot Dot Dot
•T.I.- Pyro
•Kendrick Lamar- Hiii Power
•Yelawolf f/ Gangsta Boo & Eminem- Throw It Up
•Homeboy Sandman- Same Number Same Hood
•The Game f/ Lil Wayne & Tyler The Creator- Martians vs. Goblins
•Yelawolf f/ Poo Bear- Good Girl
•Mike Posner- Wonderfall
•XV f/ Emilio Rojas & GLC- Blame Yourself
•Knocturnal f/ I-20 & Willy Northpole- Don’t Know By Now

This is a LIVE recording…
Unscripted, all off the head…
A Practice Session…
I just bunched a lot of songs into a folder and pressed “REC”…
So disreguard any mistakes or flaws in the mix…
Hope you enjoy…

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J-Worm & Mob Robb- Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk EP

1.)  Again Back (DCOSM intro)
2.)  Lit Fire
3.)  Star Spangled Lie$
4.)  Waiting Still



djSQEME-  J-Worm DCOSM Mini-Mix

intro- djSQEME
Star Spangled Lie$
Waiting Still
Again Back
Lit Fire



A mix that 3 different DJ’s got on togther and came out with the sickness!!
An exclusive mix with 3 local DJ’s and posted on 2 local BLOGS.
It’s a unique mix with all west coast music that you most definately need in your life.
Give it a listen, give it to your friends have a BBQ with it, drink a 40oz to this soundtrack of the west coast.
Be warned this MIX can cause:
Gang fights, weed sessions, make you drink an alcohol beverage you normally don’t, and it most definately will make you wanna throw it up..

Support all 3 DJ’s involved in this mix… (dj RAYZA, dj SQEME & dj DORT VADER)
Support the BLOGS the mix is on… (www.parkerhiphop.com)  (www.underneaththedesert.com)
Get in where YOU fit in….
This goes out to ALL you so called G’s… Pour out a little liquor.


 * www.rayzatraxx.podomatic.com
 * www.djsqeme.com
 * www.twitter.com/djSQEME
 * www.djsqeme.podomatic.com
 * www.soundcloud.com/djSQEME
 * www.twitter.com/dortvader
 * www.soundcloud.com/dj-dort-vader



[taken from previous interview with djSQEME on 06/24/11 via www.parkerhiphop.com]

So I hear there is gonna be a battle of the DJs at the BlueWater Resort and Casino with local DJs and I hear that your were not invited to perform at this battle, why is that? Is there any reason why they haven’t put you on the roster to battle with these local DJs?
eh, yeah… well thats an interesting topic, i mean everyone is asking YOU IN IT? IS RAYZA IN IT? I SEEN A FLYER ABOUT A LOCAL DJ BATTLE WHERE’S SQEME & RAYZA? actually NO we weren’t allowed to be in it, and it’s something RAYZA & I both were trying to get into just because WE both knew that our fans would be asking… so apparently the LOCAL & HOUSE DJ BATTLE will NOT having anyone LOCAL (from PKR) in it… from the information we gathered its kids from Blythe and the GM’s son… So the story goes the person in charge of the event WAS NOT letting any walk-in DJs, it is INVITATION ONLY from GROUPS/DJs that have played in the CASINO. so that is them kids from Blythe (don’t know name), them Castro’s (but they declined to enter), DJ WIZARD (a local kid i’m teaching to DJ), and the GM’s son (obvious reasons)… it sounded like ONE DJ from the 4 listed, but the blythe kids got 2 or 3 entries i don’t know what that was about? then WIZARD… see WIZ said they hit him up and they said they are gonna allow him or an associate of him enter the DJ BATTLE.. he said cool, they were gonna email him and have a meeting… after that he called me, i said i’d do it tell me when the meeting is… he said cool, and he has yet to get back at me… so we missed the meeting… apparently they didn’t like the no show… but when RAYZA tried to contact someone about the the whole situation, they replied WIZARD HAS TO CONTACT THEM TO APPROVE that RAYZA or SQEME is gonna take his place… that didn’t happen and they weren’t letting any LOCALS walk-in, (we tried) so that was that… here we are, i seen a flyer in the paper that advertised DJ WIZARD to be in that battle, (but they haven’t heard from him so they were suppose to have taken him out the battle) so they are false advertising a LOCAL DJ in this battle probably to save face that its really just 3 Blythe DJs and the GM’s son.. SMH, next question…


[full interview can be read here]