saw this classic Dilated Peoples (Rakaa & Evidence) and Eminem track on the house of dope and it set me off on a three hour Eminem freestyle binge. Listen, I’m genuinely glad the man’s sober now, and that he’s the only rapper who can make legitimately dope music and outsell Lil Wayne, but honestly? I miss the old school, freestyle like a motherfucker Em. That’s the Em I grew up with, the one who was bitter and angry and popped pills like they were Tics Tacs.

In fact, my first real exposure to Slim Shady was on his original Wake Up Show Freestyle. Where was I the first time I heard Em? I was driving late at night in high school, listening to 88.9 on the radio (what up Boston) and this shit blew my mind. I think I might have literally yelled at the radio to play it again:

Unfortunately for me, and probably fortunately for him, it looks like those days insane freestyle days are over. Sure, he’ll still bust out a crazy freestyle on occasion, like when Tim Westwood comes calling, but they’re few and far between.

(By the way, the best part of that video is actually Mr. Porter’s “no fucking way am I rhyming after that, switch the beat” face at the 4:00 mark.) I know I’m getting old, but it’s crazy that an entire generation of kids have grown up watching 8 Mile but have never seen an actual Eminem battle.

Em’s freestyle days, and certainly his battle days, are more than less over. All good things come to an end, and it frankly doesn’t make sense for Slim to battle when he can sell out a stadium. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reminiscence on the good ol’ days. So feel free to put up a “Lighter”, but if you’re looking for me I’ll be busy beating up a retarded kid named Greg with a wooden leg.

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