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2000 single Californication found the Red Hot Chili Peppers peeling back the glossy exterior Los Angeles projects to the rest of the world to reveal the seamy reality underneath. On David Banner‘s new single of the same name, the Mississippi rapper-producer tries a similar trick with a different emphasis, showing how hazardous the City of Angels can be for unwary tourists (especially those with the wrong complexion). Banner collaborates with THX behind the boards, crafting a slow-rolling street instrumental to back him as he chronicles how a visit to his Uncle Trayvon (played by Snoop Dogg—and no, I have no idea whether the reference to current events was intended), went horribly wrong. Game, Nipsey Hussle and Ras Kass also guest, playing the various characters the headliner encounters during his tumultuous first 24 hours in town, and Kree ties the package together with a reedy, falsetto-laced chorus. Feeling it? Californication is just one of many dope—and diverse, judging by the leaks thus far—cuts to be found on Banner’s Sex, Drugs & Video Games LP, scheduled to hit the ‘net May 22, for free download.http://www.djbooth.net/index/tracks/review/david-banner-californication/

New single from N.O.R.E. featuring Busta Rhymes, Game and Waka Flocka. New mixtape Crack On Steroids coming soon. Clean version for now.


This is a leftover track from the “The R.E.D. Album” sessions.


Game says 50’s lines in “Love, Hate, Love,” will not go unanswered and promises his own record once he hits a studio.

50 Cent’s latest track “Love, Hate, Love” made its first rounds over the Web yesterday, stirring up sentiments because of its provocative content and intent. Fif spit more hate than he did love though, taking overt shots at both Lil Wayne and full-time adversary, Game.

While Fif questioned Weezy’s un-Hip Hop-like style (“Actin’ like a white boy bored/ Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard”) and mocked the rapper’s clothing (“Why the fuck your pants so tight?/ You trying to show niggas your ass, your alternative life”), his aims at Game struck more personal:

“You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It’s been a while so I’m guessing you must’ve forgot/ Once again you forget ain’t this some shit/ You forgot about me bitch I wrote your hits.”

While Wayne has not responded to the track, Game addressed it in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

Charles Louboutin @50cent I’m on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I’m killin yo “Planet Of The Apes” face havin ass nigga #MEunit
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50 Cent is currently working on his Street King Energy project while Game is gearing up for his official R.E.D. Album tour starting next month.



Game says he has no problems with the Gay community, and gives his thoughts on closeted emcees.

Even before Lil B decided to title his album I’m Gay, the topic of homosexuality in Hip Hop has been a growing talking point.

Joining in on the conversation was West Coast rapper Game, speaking about the matter on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 radio station.

“I think there are several rappers that are in the closet and gay, and see those are the type of gay people that — the only type of gay people that I have a problem with,” explained Game.

“I don’t have a problem with gay people. Like, Beyonce should’ve said, ‘Who run the world? Gays,’ because they’re everywhere and rightfully so. Do you. It’s a free country. Be gay, you can do that.”

“Game don’t have a problem with gay people,” said the rapper, before qualifying, “Game has a problem with people that are pretending not to be gay and are gay because the number one issue with that is that you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die and so that in the closet shit is real scary. So, we’ve got to get into the real seriousness of it and it’s just not fair to other people — If you gay, just say you gay. Be gay and be proud.”


Chuck Taylor says that even though he’ll pop off at Fif, he respects the G-Unit leader.

Game has had a tumultuous relationship with 50 Cent over the past few years, flipping between beefing with him and wanting to reconcile. During a recent interview with Fuse, Chuck Taylor explained that he hoped to collaborate with Fif for The R.E.D. Album and that he’s got nothing but love for him.

“I recorded a couple of songs and I had him in mind. It’s nothing but love with him. I might shoot a shot or crack a joke here or there, but that was then,” he said.

He also spoke on his growth as an emcee over the years, explaining that his experience has made him a better lyricist.

“I’m more seasoned. I believe in myself and my pen, more confident. I think I’m at my peak, I’m on my best and I think with the R.E.D. Album, people are going to be able to notice it.”


Chuck Taylor goes song-by-song with Billboard’s The Juice.

With his latest release The R.E.D. Album finally in stores, Game recently chopped it up with Billboard.com’s The Juice to break down the entire LP track by track. Of the highlights, he touches on “Martians vs. Goblins” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, The Creator and “Drug Test” featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Sly.

“‘Drug Test’ is a great Western smash,” he said. “Anytime you can get Dr. Dre and Snoop on the same record, with yourself, if you are indeed legendary or almost legendary West Coast Hip Hop figure, that’s big. So getting it in with them was nothing but a dream.”

He also explained how album standout “Martians vs. Goblins” came to be, stating how the track’s trio has much in common.

Weird, funny, crazy and a little out of pocket. I called it ‘Martians vs. Goblins’ because me and Weezy have been saying that we were Martians as long as I’ve known him. And then on the song, he says, ‘What’s a goon to a goblin?’ And I was like, ‘Maybe he’s not a Martian no more. He’s calling himself a goblin.’ So then Tyler comes out with an album called Goblin and I just wanted to pit all of us up against each other and kind of mix it in.”

Watch the full video below.


Eminem is not to be fucked with,” says Game in a recent interview. Eminem is renowned for various facets of his emceeing ability, but none perhaps more than his scathing disses. Whether it be “Nail in the Coffin,” “The Sauce,” “Girls,” or a slew of other tracks, Slim Shady has proven himself to be no slouch when it comes to penning insults. One emcee who has taken notice is Game, who in a recent interview with MTV News explained that Eminem is essentially untouchable. “One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be fucked with ever in Hip Hop, ever,” he explained to Sway Calloway. “If you notice out of everybody I take a shot at, that’s the only person that’s untouched. He’s in a bubble and you don’t even say nothing to Eminem. To anybody that ever does, God bless you,” said Game of Em, with whom he collaborated on the song “We Ain’t.” “He’ll end your career.” Watch the interview below:

Watch the interview below:

Exclusive: Game says he made “Uncle Otis” less than 24 hours ago, and explains why he felt the need to break his promise to leave Jay-Z out of his verses.

Just over an hour ago, Compton, California’s Game released “Uncle Otis” , a diss track aimed at Jay-Z, who with Kanye West, released “Otis” to the radio and Internet Wednesday (July 20) evening. Moments later, Game spoke with HipHopDX, explaining the song’s role within a five-plus-year back-and-forth relationship between the Black Wall Street founder and the head of Roc Nation.

“The same thing that happens every time I drop a diss record is what’s happening with ‘Uncle Otis’, which is nothing but love. You’ve got those people who are totally biased towards loving Jay-Z, and I don’t have no problem with that, ’cause that’s cool. I expected that,” admitted Game. “Then you’ve got Game fans who love me and are gonna side with me. Then you’ve also got people who are just gonna say the real. The real is that the track is fuckin’ dope and the shit is funny.”

As the emcee was in a jovial mood today, he was asked if antics like this are intended to make Hip Hop fun for the fans. “Every now and then, shit needs to be shaken up. Hip Hop is cool in the club, but in the daytime, we’re fuckin’ bored. We need substance. That’s really no shot at nobody, that’s really just my sentiments. During the day, we’re goin’ through our life and we don’t have anything real to bump except our classics, which is [Notorious B.I.G.], 2Pac, [Dr.] Dre, Snoop [Dogg], the list goes on. Then at night, you can get your fix if you go to the club or you’ve got your radio on,” noted Game. “Every now and again, you’ve got to shake it up, and I’ve always been that dude. I think I’m gonna continue to be that dude throughout the duration of my career.”

Game Explains When He First Heard Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Otis”

Having been overseas earlier in the week, Game admitted that it had been less than 24 hours since he heard the album cut from Watch The Throne. “I never heard the original ‘Otis’ until I drove up to the studio [last night]. I heard everybody bigging it up.” Game acknowledged the song’s appeal in saying, “On XM, I heard ‘Otis’ and was like, ‘This shit is pretty cool. I wanna rap on it for the mixtape.’ DJ Skee couldn’t find the instrumental ’cause it had only been out for a day. So we called Mars, who [remade] the beat, and I just snapped on it.”


In making “Uncle Otis,” Game recognizes that he’s falling back on his word to stop dropping verbal barbs at Marcy Projects’ native son. “I contemplated, ‘Damn, I went at Jay; I said I was off of that.’ Fuck it. I’m me. I’m Game. I do what I do.” He continued, “I just had fun, man. Anybody that want a problem, or wants to say somethin’ on a record, you know it’s gonna get a response, so watch yaself.” Game previously worked with Kanye West on his own hit “Dreams,” as well as on ‘Ye’s “Crack Music.”

Game Weighs In On If Jay-Z Will Respond To His Diss

Before even being asked about it, Game spoke on the prospects of Jay-Z replying, something that’s been interpreted through subliminal lines and songs since 2005’s “Dear Summer.” “With Jay, I’ve been tryin’ to coax him into sayin’ somethin’ or doin’ somethin’. But he’s smart, and I don’t think he’ll jump out the window like that. Plus, I’m prepared for it.” Game added with a laugh, “With his age and where he’s at with his career, he might be too reserved to entertain [a challenge], and I respect that.”

Noting that he pushed the envelope forward, Game declared, “I just did a single to a mixtape to promote my album. It’s business; it ain’t personal.”

Game’s R.E.D. album is planned for August 23 release, with a promotional mixtape in the next two weeks.