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The Hoo-Bangin artist speaks on his upcoming album and meeting the Good Doctor.

As Glasses Malone’s debut solo album, Beach Cruiser, drops in stores today (August 30), the emcee has taken the time to discuss what the project means to him.

“I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life,” explained Malone in an interview with KarmaLoopTV. “I was that person in high school that got good grades, so I ain’t been a loser my whole life. To see it just get finished, finally, I feel good. It just feel like I finally get the chance to start my career.”

Malone, who is signed to Mack 10’s Hoo-Bangin Records, also spoke on meeting legendary producer Dr. Dre. “When I met Dr. Dre, and he told me I was dope, I think that’s when I decided I’d take it real serious. Dre tells me that, that’s just really crazy. That’s all I needed. For someone of his caliber to say, ‘You know what, you can do this shit for real.’ You gotta think, like, damn, what’d he tell Eazy-E? What’d he tell Ice Cube? What’d he tell Snoop Dogg? I mean, if he tell you you can do this, you probably bet your bottom dollar you got a good shot at being someone great.”

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Ahead of his debut’s August 30th release, G. Malone speaks on why it took him more than four years to drop the LP.

Glasses Malone has spent years keeping the world waiting on his upcoming debut Beach Cruiser, which spawned its first single “Certified” featuring Akon back in 2007. But after years of staying on the grind, the album is finally seeing the light of day with an August 30th release date.

Speaking with, the Cash Money artist explained that the delay was partly due to the fact that he couldn’t get another single off the ground.

“Any major label, as well as Cash Money, when they believe you can to be a star, they want you to have a top 40 single, a big single. That’s a national success. I just ain’t been able to pull one off since ‘Certified.’ ‘Certified’ only went to 80 on the charts, 79. I wasn’t able to get back to that thing, so it was kind of my fault because I couldn’t deliver the goods of a classic big enough single in this time period. Shit, they had to make some money moves for it to make it make sense for me in the lane that I was doing.”

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Glasses spits that Reaganomics for his new single off Beach Cruiser, out August 30th.