01. Ice – T – Freestyle (Live Acapella) 02. N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton 03. Run DMC – Sucker M.C.’s (Krush-Groove 1) 04. Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader 05. KRS One – Freestyle (Live Acapella) 06. Big Daddy Kane – Raw 07. Nas – The World Is Yours 08. Gang Starr – Full Clip 09. Immortal Technique – New Jack Hustler (Live Acapella) 10. Wu-Tang Clan – As High As Wu-Tang Get 11. Das EFX – Real Hip-Hop 12. Melle Mel – Freestyle (Live Acapella) 13. Schoolly D – P.S.K. What Does It Mean? 14. Ultramagnetic MC’s – Ego Trippin’ 15. Ras Kass – Bentleys & Bitches (Live Acapella) 16. Mantronix – King Of The Beats 17. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two 18. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Don’t Stop… Planet Rock 19. Lord Jamar – The Kid Magic (Live Acapella) 20. Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing (Club Mix) 21. MC Lyte – Cold Rock A Party 22. Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think…Just Like That 23. Grandmaster Caz – The Art of Rap (Live Acapella)




Tech pays tribute to the late great Roc Raida at the Smokeout Festival in San Bernadino, CA.


01. Burn This
02. The Martyr
03. Angels & Demons (feat. Dead Prez & Bazar Royale)
04. Rich Man’s World (1%)
05. Toast To The Dead
06. Eyes in the Sky (feat. Mojo of Dujeous)
07. Goonies (feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah & Gomez)
08. Natural Beauty (feat. Mela Machinko)
09. Running Nowhere – interlude
10. Civil War (feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D)
11. Mark of The Beast (feat. Akir & Beast 1333)
12. Black Vikings (feat. StylesP, Vinnie Paz & Poison Pen)
13. Conquerors (with Dr. John Henrik Clarke)
14. Young Lords (feat. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF & Panama Alba)
15. Ultimas Palabras
16. Sign of the Times (feat. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai & Cornel West)



Immortal Technique says American money is worth “nothing” during latest “Occupy Wall Street” protest.

Rapper and activist Immortal Technique is just one of many who have taken part in and supported the “Occupy Wall Street” movement taking place in New York City this month.

Back in July OccupyWallSt.org posted a message calling for those with “an interest in returning the US back into the hands of it’s individual citizens” and in mid-September the Wall Street protests began and have continued since that time.

During his most recent visit to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests Immortal Technique spoke on a number of topics including the worthlessness of American money.

“The bottom line is that the money is not gonna heal the [urge.] The money’s not gonna make anything [better],” Immortal Technique explained. “The imaginary paper that you make is really worth absolutely nothing. It’s worth absolutely nothing. It’s funny because so is metal money…We’re tired of listening to the same old lies. And at some point the people of this country will stop being pacified, will stop being placated.”

Rapper Lupe Fiasco has also shown his support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement by taking part in protests and voicing his support.

The English rapper also links with producers ShowNProve, Sivey, Red Skull, Nutt P and more.

England’s Lowkey has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming sophomore release Soundtrack to the Struggle, dropping October 16th.

The 26-track LP features guest appearances from Immortal Technique, M1 of Dead Prez, Shadi Mansour, Mai Khalil, Klashnekoff, Sanasino, Crazy Haze and Black the Ripper. Production comes courtesy of Nutty P, Sivey, ShowNProve, Red Skull, Quincey Tones, Big G, Vendetta, Beatnick & K-Salaam, Jetsun and Last Resort.

Check the tracklist below.

1. Soundtrack To The Struggle (produced by Nutty P)
2. Too Much ft Shadia Mansour (produced by Nutty P)
3. Voices Of The Voiceless ft Immortal Technique (produced by Sivey)
4. Hand On Your Gun (produced by ShowNProve)
5. Skit 1
6. Terrorist? (produced by Red Skull)
7. Something Wonderful (produced by Red Skull)
8. Dreamers ft. Mai Khalil
9. Skit 2
10. Obama Nation (produced by Red Skull)
11. Skit 3
12. Cradle Of Civilisation ft. Mai Khalil (produced by Quincey Tones)
13. Skit 4
14. Blood, Sweat and Tears ft Klashnekoff (produced Nutty P)
15. Everything I Am (produced by ShowNProve)
16. Skit 5
17. Long Live Palestine (produced by Nutty P)
18. We Will Rise ft Sanasino (produced by Big G)
19. My Soul (produced by Vendetta)
20. Skit 6
21. The Butterfly Effect (produced by Beatnick & K-Salaam)
22. Obama Nation Part 2 ft M1 (DEAD PREZ), Black The Ripper (produced by Nutty P)
23. Dear England ft Mai Khalil (produced by BeatNick & K-Salaam)
24. Haunted ft Mai Khalil (produced by JetSun)
25. Terrorist? Part 2 ft Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil (produced by Last Resort)
26. Million Man March ft Mai Khalil (produced by Big G)