Colin Munroe – Unsung Hero

September 12, 2012

Colin Munroe has long considered himself an Unsung Hero in the music game, and for good reason: the Ontario-repping singer, songwriter and producer’s spent the last several years just under the national radar, creating some of the dopest, most innovative work the music industry has seen in a minute. With today’s release of his latest street album via Karmaloop, however, he’s well on his way to getting the attention he deserves. A genre-blending melange of hip-hop, pop, rock, R&B and electronic influences, the project comes on the heels of much-buzzed-about singles “Over It,” “Your Eyes” and “Invincible,” and features an appropriately eclectic slate of guest artists, including Ab-Soul, Cassie, Kendrick Lamar, K.Flay, Memoryhouse and Pusha T. In addition to Munroe’s own production, Unsung Hero packs boardwork by Boi-1da & D10, RZA and more.



The G.O.O.D. Music signee says he originally vetoed using the beat after ‘Ye played it for him.

Pusha T recently revealed that he originally passed on the Hit-Boy-produced beat that eventually became Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris.” Speaking with Sneeze magazine, the Clipse member said that he doesn’t know if it would have been as good if it ended up in his possession and that he would have attacked it in a different way.

“I tell people all the time that I don’t know if I would’ve attacked it that way which means the record might not have been as special once I got on it,” he said.

Pusha Ton continued by explaining that Kanye gave him the beat and that he simply wasn’t in the right state of mind to rap over it.

“‘Ye gave me beats and that was in the bunch. ‘Niggas in Paris’ was playful to me and I was in demonic rap mode. I was like, ‘Yo, I don’t want this right now,’ he was like, ‘Man, this will be a club smash,’ and I’m like, ‘Maybe, but don’t ask me to wrap my brain around that when I’m writing stuff like ‘My God,’ which is another Hit Boy beat.”

Read the full interview at Sneeze, where he also states that 50 Cent is his favorite rapper, speaks on Fear of God II: Let Us Pray and more.

This appears on Gilbere’s latest project Some Dreams Never Sleep which can be downloaded here.


Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray on the way.


Pusha T gets something off his chest over Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy”. Missinfo has the lyrics and the breakdown of who he could be talking to.


Tinie adds Pusha T and Jim Jones for the official remix to ‘Till Im Gone’.


Records/G.O.O.D. Music on September 27th.

Pusha Ton says he’s currently working on the project and has eight songs recorded.

Pusha T previously revealed that his solo studio debut would be arriving on Black Friday, but he’s decided to cancel the release date. Speaking with Bootleg Kev, the Clipse member revealed that the album is currently without a title, though he’s working on the project.

“No, I’m not putting it out on Black Friday. The actual album is not finished, and I don’t have a title for it,” he said. “I’ve been making records. I’ve got eight records. I don’t know what’s going to make the album. We’ve definitely found a groove, though. I can honestly say with ‘Ye executive producing this thing, it’s going to be a masterpiece. Lyrically, know one thing, lyric-driven. Street, for sure.”

Before releasing his debut, Pusha will drop his Fear of God: Let Us Pray EP via Decon Records/G.O.O.D. Music on September 27th.


Cons fires shots at the Clipse member and his G.O.O.D. Music boss on the new track.

After making earlier claims that Pusha T stole lines from one of his tracks, Consequence is firing back at his former G.O.O.D. Music cohort. In a track titled “The Plagurist Society” released to MTV’s RapFix, Cons lashes out at the Clipse member in not-so-subtle ways.

“So what you’ve ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat your flesh alive / Before EMS arrives and the wings of death decide / That it’s time to expire / Yeah, meaning it’s time to retire/ Because you’ll never get a trophy, playing for the Steelers / They steal niggas lines, steal niggas flows / 40 million in, still a nigga owes,” he raps.

He then takes shots at the Clipse, rapping, “You keep fuckin’ around but still don’t hit / And that’s why the mothafuckin’ Clipse got clipped,” continuing, “But still there’s no Malice in my heart / For these poor little wretched clowns that I’ma coast through.”

Before finishing up the track, Cons sends a message to Pusha to warn Kanye West that he’s up next. “He ain’t nothin’ but a body shield for the coward from the Midwest / So yes, you can bet / That your boss is next,” he concludes.

Listen to the track below.


While previews of the video have entered the blogosphere some days ago, the world has been waiting for the full audio version of Pusha T’s collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, “Trouble on my Mind,” to drop. Now, the Neptunes produced cut has eventually arrived in its full audio glory and as you can hear below, it sure offers a different type of lyrical approach from both artists. The tune will appear on Pusha T’s Fear of God Part 2: Let Us Pray, due August 23. Expect the accompanying visual to grace your screen next week and let us know what do you think of the audio version below.


Pusha T waxes about Tyler The Creator and co., as well as his upcoming mixtape.

As fans continue to debate what Pusha T’s solo work means for the future of Clipse, Pusha T gears up for a G.O.O.D. Music label release of Fear of God 2.

In an interview with, the Virginia native explained that the release would expound on the original Fear of God mixtape, with more in store for fans. “I’m keeping a couple of those joints from the first mixtape but added other joints and other features. We got some surprises. Ye is there. Odd Future’s there. That’s a couple gems. The beat just sounds so demonic. But I actually have to give it an [official] title. I tweeted the news the other day, when I finished it. I think we got one. It’s the three of us — Tyler, Hodgy Beats and me.”

On the topic of Odd Future, Pusha described meeting the ringleader of the group, Tyler the Creator. “Tyler’s such a fan, came to our video and said, ‘Yo, I have three beats that I made for you … and just know they’re for you. Please … hear it.’ He sends them over … I was like this is aight, this is aight, but the third one. He said, ‘I put a verse on it and Hodgy put a verse on it.’ [You’re] gonna be so amazed at the marriage, some things don’t always mesh man. But these guys are super-super talented. I can’t wait for the world to see each of our talents collide.”

Pusha added that he’s enjoying his solo work, and the opportunity to show his introspective side. “[N]ow I get to showcase a bit of that side of me.”