Mind Games MC Battle Menlo Park, CA: Franco Vs. Dirtbag Dan


Charron vs Forkfarm

You know how you don’t think there were any hot women in, like, 1910, because subconsciously you don’t think that anything old can’t be as good as what we have now, even though there were obviously women walking around during the Civil War with bodies like Angela Lova Luv? Or, to use another example, you don’t think anyone who played in the NFL in the 60s could step on the field with today’s players, no matter how legendary they were? Come on, you know what I’m talking about, even if those were some of the most convoluted sentences I’ve ever written.

Well the same holds true for rap. Even though hip-hop heads have all the respect in the world for the old school, there’s still this sense that dudes way back when couldn’t outrhyme today’s best rappers. This rare footage from a 1989 battle between Lord Finesse and Percee P proves otherwise. These dudes could rhyme. Goddamn. No wonder why this is considered one of the greatest battles ever.

EgoTrip has an interview with Lord Finesse breaking down the battle that’s worth checking out, and just because it’s never to late to judge, I threw up a poll below (Percee P is the guy who rhymes first, for the record). Have at it.