Ah 4/20, the day when 7,000 rappers release marijuana related music…and all of them think they’re the first ones who came up with the idea. Or as I like to call it, “National Nathan’s Inbox Gets Flooded With Crap Day”. So considering all that, honestly, I couldn’t be more surprised to say that Curren$y‘s new mixtape, “Covert Coup“, is not really stoner rap at all.

Maybe it’s because the entire project was produced by The Alchemist, who’s more interested in dark experimentation than blunts and house shoes, or maybe Curren$y’s always been a better emcee than I gave him credit for, but “Covert Coup” officially makes me respect the man’s work. Sure, he’s not the next Nas, but he’s actually a pretty damn good emcee, even if you wouldn’t think it from his super laid back rhyme style. Seriously, I’m sold. (Note: not “sold” in the sense that I’m actually buying an album from him.)

As I said, the whole shebang’s produced by Alan Daniel Maman and features verses from Prodigy, Freddie Gibbs, Fiend and Smoke DZA. Enjoy.

Download “Covert Coup” Directly

Check out mixtape standouts “Scottie Pippen” featuring Gangsta Gibbs and “The Type” ft. Prodigy.

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Download “Currensy ft. Prodigy – The Type” Directly