Game says 50’s lines in “Love, Hate, Love,” will not go unanswered and promises his own record once he hits a studio.

50 Cent’s latest track “Love, Hate, Love” made its first rounds over the Web yesterday, stirring up sentiments because of its provocative content and intent. Fif spit more hate than he did love though, taking overt shots at both Lil Wayne and full-time adversary, Game.

While Fif questioned Weezy’s un-Hip Hop-like style (“Actin’ like a white boy bored/ Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard”) and mocked the rapper’s clothing (“Why the fuck your pants so tight?/ You trying to show niggas your ass, your alternative life”), his aims at Game struck more personal:

“You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It’s been a while so I’m guessing you must’ve forgot/ Once again you forget ain’t this some shit/ You forgot about me bitch I wrote your hits.”

While Wayne has not responded to the track, Game addressed it in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

Charles Louboutin @50cent I’m on tour doin shows but soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I’m killin yo “Planet Of The Apes” face havin ass nigga #MEunit
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50 Cent is currently working on his Street King Energy project while Game is gearing up for his official R.E.D. Album tour starting next month.


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